Tips for Keeping Your Mind and Body Engaged While Studying

Whether you are an expert getting your Ph.D. or someone starting online communications classes, it can be challenging to figure out how to focus while balancing your personal life and juggling schoolwork. Today, there are many distractions, including videos, social media, and text messages. One of the best ways to study better is to learn how to keep your mind and body engaged. We’ve come up with these tips to help you understand how to keep your body and mind engaged while you study.


Exercise Your Body

Exercise doesn’t only improve your level of fitness but can also help you develop a healthful brain. This doesn’t have to be anything outrageous or crazy. You can start with a simple daily walking routine, swimming, cycling, or whatever type of exercise takes your fancy.

With exercise, you can improve your memory and learning skills, and this can help you absorb more information from studying easily. Besides, kinesthetic equipment such as bike with desk also can allow you to study while you exercise. In addition to keeping your mind and body engaged, a bike with the right standing desk height can also help you burn calories and improve an overall state of mind.


Tips for Keeping Your Mind and Body Engaged While Studying


Have a Study Ritual

When it comes to staying engaged while studying, it is crucial to have a routine to help you focus and find your rhythm. A good start is to have a pre-study routine that involves tasks such as preparing all the materials you may need, clearing your desk, creating a to-do list, or putting on headphones.

Taking a couple of minutes to set up your workplace ready for the study will physically prepare your body to study and train your brain to transit into a more focused state. Clearing the space around you can free your mind from focusing on your study.


Tips for Keeping Your Mind and Body Engaged While Studying


Listen to Classical Music

Listening to classical music during your study sessions is another effective way to keep your body and mind engaged. There has been some research on the effect of music on our brain, and it was found that classical music has the means to take you from the beta state to the deeper alpha brainwave state. In fact, it can take it further to the theta state.

According to these researches, music has the ability to stimulate both sides of the brain-this is why it improves your memory and helps you concentrate. Classical music is effective in helping you focus and remember more information.


Tips for Keeping Your Mind and Body Engaged While Studying


Choose Your Study Environment Wisely

You should study alone unless your friend happens to be an efficient study partner. When you are ready to study, put a sign on your door telling people to stay away. If you have kids, you may want to seek a few hours of childcare when necessary. If your home or hostel is distracting, gather your study materials and head over to a study spot you feel comfortable.

If you can’t go out, find a quiet and clean room to study. If background noises are distracting you, pick up some noise-canceling headphones and play some classical music or white noise. In summary, you should create the best possible environment before opening your book to avoid pausing mid-session to make a change.


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Perform Deep Breathing Exercises Before Studying

Several types of research have shown that deep breathing exercises can help increase the mind’s ability to focus. According to a recent study conducted by Trinity College Institute of Neuroscience, noradrenaline is the effect of breathing exercises. This functions as a neurotransmitter that affects concentration.

By controlling your breathing, you can improve your level of noradrenaline. The research concludes that there is a strong connection between deep breathing exercises and mental equilibrium. Perform this breathing exercise 2 times in succession before you start studying.


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