Tips for Staging Model Homes

In the past year, US home prices have grown by almost 20%. Selling at the fastest rate in history, many people are getting more than their initial asking price.

So how do you ensure you get the best deal? One way is to stage your home correctly to attract the right buyers.

Read on as we present our guide on staging model homes.


1. Have a Major Clean

One of the easiest ways to facilitate home staging is to do a thorough clean. This shows any visitors that you are a person who takes care of a property. It also clears out any rubbish and dirt so they can view the property unhindered.

Don’t spare any corner or spot. Make sure you do all the rooms and windows. Even spaces like attics and basements should be cleaned if you are selling them as livable spaces.

Make sure all your fittings and appliances sparkle and shine. If you don’t have new appliances in your kitchen, then make sure they look brand new regardless.


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2. Add a Coat of Paint

One important tip for staging a home is to add a fresh coat of paint. This costs very little and may only take a weekend of your time. You may even hire someone else to do it for you.

A new coat of paint makes the home look refreshed and clean. Make sure you opt for neutral colors, helping new visitors to envision their belongings and style on the property.


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3. Get Interior Design Inspiration

It is perfectly acceptable to take your home staging ideas from other sources. Start by looking at professional model homes and how they are staged. Visit to see how experts do it.

If you want to take it one step further, hire someone to do it for you. Depending on the person or company you choose, a consultation can cost between $150 to $600 for two hours. The rest may be between $400 to $700 depending on the room.


 Tips for Staging Model Homes

4. Depersonalize

It is important that when people visit your home, they can see themselves, their family, and their belongings on the property. When your own is in it, they view it as your home instead and may be reluctant to make an offer. That is why you should depersonalize.

Remove any family pictures, keepsakes, and personal items. Even go as far as clearing out the bathroom and bedroom of personal items.


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Give Rooms a Purpose

One of the most practical staging tips is to ensure every room has a clearly defined purpose. Many rooms like the kitchen and bathroom will be obvious, but as you get more rooms it may not be the case. Even if you have a spare room used to house junk, turn it into a study or children’s playroom so it has a practical application.

Staging Model Homes Made Simple

When staging model homes, you aim to take away your stamp on the property. Go for a clean, smart look that appeals to a wide range of visitors. This will help the chance of a sale and could increase the offer you get.

If you found this article helpful, we have many more. From property to finance, we can help with your investments in the coming year.

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