Tips on Removing Cigarette Smoke in Small Spaces

It is very noticeable when someone smokes a cigarette indoors, as the smoke and odor can linger well after the cigarette is put out. The smoke and smell buildup can create an uncomfortable indoor environment, which is especially magnified in smaller areas such as an individual room or apartment. Fortunately, there are several simple ways to remove the smoke and odors in small spaces. Read below to learn more!


Open Windows and Doors

Opening any windows and doors is a great way to remove cigarette smoke from small spaces. The natural ventilation and increased airflow allow fresh air to flow in and any cigarette smoke to dissipate and exit the area. The fresh air also helps to mask the smell of cigarette smoke. Smoking near an open window or door will prevent any indoor smoke buildup in the first place, as the smoke is more likely to exit than linger. 


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Turn on a Fan

Opening a door or window may not be possible in some smaller spaces. If this is the case, fans are a great way to remove cigarette smoke from small spaces. They create a similar ventilation effect to an open door or window, as they can keep the smoke moving and prevent any buildup.

Ceiling and upright fans are two types that can effectively remove cigarette smoke. Most people already have ceiling fans installed in their homes, and upright fans can be purchased very easily. These fans offer other benefits than just removing cigarette smoke, as they are fairly affordable, easy to install and maintain, and can help regulate temperature.

Exhaust fans are another type that can remove cigarette smoke from smaller spaces. These fans pull air from indoors and expel it outdoors, making them perfect to eliminate any traces of cigarette smoke. Many window air conditioners have an exhaust option, but they can also be purchased as stand-alone units.


Tips on Removing Cigarette Smoke in Small Spaces


Use an Air Purifier

Air purifiers are another excellent way to remove cigarette smoke from small spaces. During operation, air purifiers remove harmful pathogens, dust, dirt, debris, and more to increase indoor air quality. Certain air purifiers can also remove cigarette smoke and other related pollutants. This is ideal for smaller spaces, as cleaner air will lead to fewer health problems and create a more comfortable environment for occupants.

However, make sure to research before purchasing an air purifier. Some may not have the capability to remove cigarette smoke, and air purifiers are also designed for rooms of specific sizes. An improperly sized air purifier does not operate anywhere close to peak efficiency and will not do an adequate job purifying the air and removing any cigarette smoke.]


Tips on Removing Cigarette Smoke in Small Spaces


Try Ductless Mini Splits

Ductless mini-splits can also help remove cigarette smoke from smaller spaces. These HVAC systems have recently seen an increase in popularity, as they offer many advantages over other types such as window air conditioners and central ducted systems. Ductless mini splits are a highly efficient, reasonably priced, and low maintenance way to heat and cool any commercial or residential area.

Ductless mini-splits are also loved for their versatility, as they are more than just air conditioners; they function as air filters, purifiers, and dehumidifiers. As the heat and cool the room, they are simultaneously clearing out and filtering any harmful dust, dirt, debris, and pathogens from the air.

This increases the indoor air quality, reduces your exposure to harmful materials that could cause illness, and helps remove any cigarette smoke.

In order to properly filter and purify the air, your mini split must have a clean filter inside of the system. Activated carbon filters are excellent at removing cigarette smoke, as the deep carbon fibers absorb smaller particles that other filters may miss. Generally speaking, mini-split filters should be replaced every four to six weeks to ensure your machine operates efficiently.

However, cigarette smokers in smaller spaces might need to change the filter more frequently. Similar to stand-alone air purifiers, ductless mini splits are also designed for use in rooms of specific sizes. Be sure to research accordingly before purchasing and make sure your mini-split is properly sized.


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Light Candles

Candles can also help remove cigarette smoke from smaller spaces. In fact, there are special smokers’ candles designed specifically to help remove cigarette smoke and mask any odors. These smoker’s candles are made with enzymes that attack the cigarette smoke directly.

Traditional scented and unscented candles can also be used to combat any problems of indoor cigarette smoke. Not only do these candles help mask the smell and eliminate smoke, they’ll leave your home smelling great!


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Removing Cigarette Odors

The odor from cigarettes can linger long after using the above tactics and devices to remove any smoke, especially in smaller areas. Fortunately, there are easy ways to eliminate cigarette smoke odor.

Carpets naturally absorb odors such as cigarette smoke, but cleaning them with baking soda helps clear any smell. Baking soda is a natural absorbent, so it embeds itself deep into the carpet fibers and soaks up any odors. Simply sprinkle baking soda on the carpet, let it sit a few hours or overnight, and vacuum it up for your carpets to smell good as new! Baking soda can also be used to rid other fabrics of odor.

Cleaning with vinegar is another way to remove any cigarette smell. When mixed with water and baking soda, vinegar can be used to clean many different household objects. You could also create a vinegar spray that serves as an air freshener. Cleaning with vinegar is safe and easy and helps eliminate any cigarette smoke and subsequent odors.

Bowls of items such as coffee grounds, charcoal, plants, orange peels, and pineapple slices can also be placed throughout the area to mask the smell of cigarettes. Finally, many use essential oils such as lavender, orange, mint, eucalyptus, and rosemary to create an air-freshening spray that removes any cigarette smoke and smells.


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