Tips to Deep Clean Your New Home & Household Items Before Moving In

Be it a small house or a big house, we all avoid cleaning until it becomes essential. Maintaining home cleanliness and hygiene is a must, so give your house thorough cleaning by scrubbing away the dirt and debris all over your place that may cause allergies. Deep cleaning your home is much of a hassle, especially if you’re doing it after a long time or before you relocate to a new place. However, with proper planning and preparation, you can minimize your time and efforts with the help of this handy deep clean guide.


What to do if you’re moving to a new home?

Whether it’s your current home or a new place, you must spend a lot of time scrubbing the tiles, chipping off the scales, cleaning up the greasy chimney, clearing the cobwebs, etc., which can be exhausting. While you are moving to a new house, you find it challenging to take on the complete responsibility of packing, moving as well as cleaning the entire new house before shifting there.

Therefore, it would be a better decision to hire moving companies and let them take care of the complete process so that you get more time for other important pre-move tasks. This will help reduce your stress and have safe relocation and ensure you don’t end up unnecessarily damaging your goods and wasting money on repairs or replacements.

If you’re moving within the same city, finding the right relocation service provider is not that difficult especially since the distance of shifting is hardly a challenge. However, while moving to a new city outside the current one where you reside, will require a lot more planning and research since your valuable household items would be in the hands of total strangers.

Say, you’re moving from Mumbai to Bangalore, look for packers and movers in Mumbai who also have an office at your destination city (Bangalore) so that you get the necessary support even after you move in.


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Best steps to follow when cleaning the house

  • Prepare a cleaning checklist: Make a checklist of which rooms you will clean first along with all the items to cover in that particular room. This way, you’ll keep track of the entire work to be done and have an idea of how much work is pending.
  • Start Room-wise: You cannot clean your entire home in a day, so start cleaning room-by-room. If you have more things to clean, then schedule one day for each room and start cleaning.
  • Follow a Cleaning Pattern: Don’t just randomly dust your room as the dirt might just spread all around the room. It’s best if you start cleaning from top to bottom because if you clean your floor first, then clean your ceiling fan, dust will fall on the floor, and you will have to clean the floor again. Likewise, if you start cleaning from left to right, you can make sure you cover the entire room.
  • Keep Proper Tools: Having all the necessary cleaning tools (gloves, spray bottles, wipers, dusting cloth, mop, broom, etc.) and products (cleaning liquids, vinegar, baking soda, lemon, etc.) will help you speed up your cleaning process.

The perfect cleaning checklist:


#1 Living room

Make sure you clean the large living room items before moving companies arrive at your home, so that they can quickly disassemble & pack them for safe moving. It’s also a good idea to verify movers details to check if they have enough experience to carry out your required relocation services as expected.

  • Doormats & Rugs: Dust off all the mud from your doormats and carpets or just vacuum clean it, then wash your mats & rugs using detergents to cleanse off any stains.
  • Curtains: Change your curtains and wash the old ones, wipe off the dust on the curtain rods & brackets, using a dusting cloth.
  • TV Unit: Carefully wipe your TV screen with a soft/ microfiber cloth, gently dust your setup box, DVD player, TV cables, etc. Check the user manual for safety instructions before cleaning them.
  • Bookshelves: First, remove all the books and stationery items from the shelf, dust your bookshelf, and wipe the surface using cleaning liquids. Then dust the books and place them back on shelves.
  • Home Decor: Dust the ceiling fixtures and home decors first, then spray cleaning liquid and wipe them off gently. Be incredibly careful as these are delicate and easily damageable.
  • Furniture: Vacuum clean the sofa cushions and change the sofa covers. Use spray cleaning liquid on the coffee table & side table and wipe them off with cloth.

#2 Kitchen

  • Countertops & Cabinets: These are the places that will be full of greasy oil and masala stains. Mix vinegar, soda, lime, and soap, spray the mixture all over the kitchen, and then scrub them off using a scrubber or old toothbrush (alternatively, you can also make your own homemade all-purpose cleaner to get rid of different kinds of stains effectively).
  • Gas Stove: First, make sure you turn off the regulator of the gas cylinder, now remove the burners, stove stands and wash them separately. Damp your stove and leniently sprinkle baking soda all over it and scrub using lime followed by a wet cloth.
  • Kitchen Appliances: Spray the vinegar-soda mixture on your oven, mixer grinders, and fridge doors, and wipe it off using a soft cloth. Now defrost the fridge & remove the glass shelves and wash them separately.
  • Kitchen Sink: Dip a half-cut lemon in baking soda and start scrubbing the tap & sink. If your sink is clogged, put some baking soda in the drain hole and now pour some hot water.

#3 Bedroom

  • Mattress: Remove your old bedsheets & pillow covers, dust or vacuum clean your mattress and then put a clean new bed & pillow cover.
  • Wardrobe: Declutter your closet by giving away old/ unused clothes and accessories. Now neatly fold/ hang your clothes and organize your wardrobe.
  • Dressing Table: Dust off your dressing table, and wipe the mirrors spraying cleaning liquids. Arrange your cosmetics, accessories, etc., neatly in a cosmetic organizer.

#4 Bathroom

  • Washbasin & Commodes: Using toilet and bathroom cleaners clean your commodes and sinks.
  • Floor & Walls: Wear gloves and using bathroom cleaner to scrub your bathroom tiles and floor. Once you are done cleaning your bathroom place a bathroom freshener to reduce the smell of the strong bathroom cleaners.
  • Taps & Other fixtures: Clean tough water stains on the taps, showerheads, & jet spray using vinegar and baking soda. Check if taps are clogged or leaking and contact plumbers to get the repairs done.
  • Washing Machine: Descale your washing machine to remove lint and dirt stuck in the drum/ drainpipe. Spray cleaning liquid on the outer surface of the washing machine and wipe it off for that clean and brand-new look.

Note: Also check the working condition of all the switchboards, sockets, electronic appliances, etc., and get it repaired or replaced if required.

The best way to avoid the stressful deep cleaning is to clean your home regularly and not wait until spring to wipe clean the entire house at once. Of course, if you’re moving into a new house, it’s best to be done with the deep clean and sanitization process at least a week or maximum 2 days before your goods get delivered for unpacking & set up.

Don’t stress yourself too much thinking about the relocation task; simply hire packers and movers in Pune, Mumbai, or your particular city across India through AssureShift and let them fully handle your home shifting tasks.

By deep cleaning and sanitizing your home often, you will create a germ-free environment for you and your loved ones ensuring a healthy living space and a clutter-free mind. Plan to call some friends over or order in some yummy food after a long day’s cleaning or think of some interesting housewarming party ideas to throw for your old & new friends after settling in.

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