Tips to Ensure that Your Newborn is Introduced to a Healthy Home!

Your pediatrician might have told you that the first few years of your newborn baby are going to be full of surprises, and that can be a bit overwhelming. Providing a perfect living environment for your little one should definitely be on the top of your priority list, and that goes beyond providing adequate medication and diet for your baby. Did you know that nearly 8 out of 10 children tend to suffer from chronic illnesses such as common cold, allergies, and asthma? Yes, you read that right; the stakes are that high. These diseases later affect the digestive and respiratory systems of your baby. Therefore, if you don’t want your baby to make it to that list, it is crucial for you to give your newborn a healthy start by introducing him/her to a healthy and safe home.

Don’t you know what we are talking about? Well, worry no more because here are some tips for first-time parents to prepare their home for the grand welcome of the family’s littlest member.


  • Baby Proofing is a priority

If you are putting off “baby-proofing” of your home until your baby starts crawling, then you can’t be more wrong. Once the baby comes into your life, you and your partner will definitely get busy with the daily needs of your little one and forget all about baby proofing.

Young kids and infants are at the highest risk of getting injured and hurt at home because that’s where they spend the majority of their time. And these accidents and injuries can cause some severe damage, even death. So, before your cross, the threshold with your baby in hand, make sure you are bringing him/her to a safe space.


Healthy Home


  • Eliminate germs with the disinfection

Infants and young kids develop their immune systems with time. According to pediatricians, many children get sick due to allergens present in their homes. And that can be fatal for many reasons. For instance, allergens such as dust mites accumulate in the house and trigger asthma attacks amongst children.

Therefore, as a parent, it is your sheer responsibility to ensure that apart from disinfecting your baby’s essentials, it is also crucial to disinfect the house to eliminate the risk of breeding germs and viruses. The cleaning professionals at suggest that one needs to follow a specific cleaning and disinfecting routine to ensure a germ-free environment.

This routine includes applying disinfectants to the surfaces by using electrostatic technology after the regular cleaning routine and then giving a final wipe down to the surfaces. And you are all done. It is better to seek professional help for efficient results.

  • Lead paint can be hazardous

Last but not least, using lead paint in the house is actually poisonous for your newborn. In fact, it is considered a root cause of brain damage among children. So, before you paint your nursery, make sure that the paint you are using is non-toxic and free of lead.

Also, the industry professionals confirm the fact that the main source of lead exposure is chipped paint and the dust from eroding paint. Getting exposed to lead dust is how young children catch chronic diseases. Therefore, if you live in an old house or an apartment, make sure you get it checked for lead paint before you bring your little one home.

Final Words,

Reading thousands of books on what to do after the baby comes won’t be of any use until you welcome and keep your little one in a healthy and safe space. So, if you are about to bring one home, use the tips to safeguard your infant’s health.




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