Top 10 Ideas to Add Persian Décor to Your Home: Try These Today!

Last updated on January 5th, 2023

Iran has always had a long and illustrious history of art and handicrafts. And any Iranian, regardless of how far they are away from their home, love decorating their home with these beautiful items. Even if you are not an Iranian, there is something about Persian décor that is too attractive not to take note of. Nowadays, some of the age-old and widely popular crafts have taken on a modern turn. Others are now mixed with modern-day pieces for creating a unique and outstanding blend of old and new. And if you are planning to add such beautiful Persian décor to your home, here are the ten ideas that will get you started.


1.   Use beautiful copper dishes

Copper is widely available in Iran, and the markets in Kerman and Yazd are famous for the copper sections. In these bazaars, you can see the metal workers happily banging away at the sheets or polishing them to perfection. In Iran, people use this affordable metal for serving, cooking, or simple decoration. So, you can feel like an absolute master chef and jazz up your kitchen with some burnished copper utensils.


lovely persian rug in your kitchen Persian Décor to Your Home

Visualizer: House to Decor


2.   Baskets for decoration and storage

]Baskets are great for both decoration and storage. In Iran, this handicraft is the specialty of the Khuzestan Province. People weave thin strands of palm leaves before leaving the item neutral or adding a pop of design and color to it. In that country, these baskets are useful as vases, large discs, storage containers, coasters, and all that artists can think of. These baskets are not only durable but also add a nice touch of nature to your home.

3.   Opt for handmade clothes

All kinds of handmade clothes are found across the country. You will find a hand-stitched decorative cloth called pateh in Kerman. The woolen cloth gets naturally dyed. Ghalamkari is the specialty of Esfahan. It is a textile that gets printed using wooden stamps. Yazd makes termeh, which is a luxurious silken cloth that usually has fine golden threads. Various shapes and sizes make traditional clothing versatile for use around the house as runners, tablecloths, or wall decorations.


Top 10 Ideas to Add Persian Décor to Your Home: Try These Today!Visualizer: Far Way Art


4.   Persian art for the walls 

Persian art is eclectic in nature, and that should suitably reflect in your home décor. There are loads of options available in Persian decor for your walls. You can have beautiful Persian paintings and quotes framed for your walls. Wood Print wall art is pretty trending right now, and it would look really nice in the vintage décor of your home. However, make sure the wood is of good quality and undergoes proper treatment by the sellers.

5.   Iranian pottery and ceramics

In Iranian history, pottery has always had a major role to play before the Persian Empire. Back in the olden days, large and small clay jugs were found in homes to keep water cool. Nowadays, cities like Natanz, Yazd, and Lalejin still have this tradition, and they are renowned for the use of ceramics. Though you can use clay pots solely for decoration, it is also common to use them for the kitchen, especially for side dishes or cool beverages.


persian pottery Persian Décor to Your Home

Visualizer: Persian Hands


6.   Use a poshti to support your back

There was a time in Iran when sitting on the floor was the custom. They placed poshti, a kind of cushion, against the walls. The patterned centers and intricate designs make the cushions pretty sturdy. These cushions also offer back support. Though you might not get the exact replica of a poshti, you can still find such pretty Persian cushions online. If you are trying to create a comfy nook in the corner of your home, the pretty cushions will be a good idea.

7.   Lay down a rug to add to the décor

An Iranian décor remains incomplete without beautiful rugs around your living room. The nomadic tribes have unique designs that are in demand around the world. Though silk rugs look more attractive, you should not walk on them too much. A wool-silk blend or wool provides greater durability. You will find enough options in the market to choose from. Good quality Persian rugs are pretty expensive, so if you don’t want to take the plunge yet, consider the other options given here.


Top 10 Ideas to Add Persian Décor to Your Home: Try These Today!Visualizer: Lilla Rugs 


8.   Unique items with Persian motifs

Apart from all the items mentioned above, you will also find unique items having Persian motifs. You can have wall clocks with Persian designs and writings, or you can have nice coffee mugs with Iranian motifs. Alternatively, you can use these mugs to plant small decorative plants around the house. There are even flower pots with Persian designs and motifs found in the market.

9.   Make sure to have some fragrant flowers

Why use sprays for freshening up your home when you can keep it natural with fragrant flowers? One of the flowers you will commonly find in Iranian households is hyacinth, which is a part of the conventional Nowruz table. Other popular choices are daffodils and tuberose (called Mary or Maryam in Persian). Along with looking pretty, the flowers smell heavenly, and their fragrances intensify at night.


Top 10 Ideas to Add Persian Décor to Your Home: Try These Today!



10.                Keep a book of Persian poetry

Iranians love their poetry and their poets, and the country has been the home to some of the finest wordsmiths of the world. If you have ever been to the country, you will see that the place has many mausoleums dedicated to them. Iranians homes usually have a couple of copies of Sa’adi or Hafez, and you can have it, too. Keep a beautiful collection of poems within your reach. It will become way more than a coffee table book soon enough.


So, which of the ten ideas mentioned above are you going to try out? Pick out a couple of pieces as per your home décor and jazz up your rooms even more. Bring in a bit of Persia to your home today, and your guests will surely praise you for your tastes and choices. Why delay more? The beautiful decor is waiting for you!



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