Top 3 Benefits Of Using RTA Kitchen Cabinets

There are several benefits to using RTA kitchen cabinets. Not only are they cheaper than custom cabinets, but they are also easier to install. In addition, these cabinet options come in a variety of different designs and colors. Homeowners can also choose what kind of drawer guides and pulls they want for their cabinets.

Using RTA kitchen cabinets is an excellent idea for homeowners looking to save money on cabinet installation. Many companies have sophisticated websites where customers can choose cabinets. Once the cabinets are ordered, the company will ship them to the customer’s home in 24 hours. Another benefit is that you don’t need to buy an entire tool chest to assemble them. Assembling RTA cabinets can take just half an hour.



While custom-made kitchen cabinets are often prohibitively expensive, RTA kitchen cabinets offer a great alternative. While they are not fully assembled, they are easier to install and will save you money on labor costs. However, not all RTA cabinets are created equally. Some manufacturers make quality cabinets that rival custom-made or fully-assembled cabinets.

RTA cabinets are typically made of solid wood. This material is elegant, durable, and attractive and will help make your kitchen an eye-catching part of your home. When shopping for RTA cabinets, check the range of wood color and finish. Lighter stains will look better with white cabinets, while darker wood stains will provide a rustic, country look.

For kitchen cabinets, look for a company that uses quality wood and joinery techniques to construct their units. The higher-quality woods will last longer, which is important for a project that you won’t want to tackle frequently. You’ll also want to ensure that the contractor has a valid license and liability insurance. Finally, always ask for references and sign a contract that specifies the scope of the work and how much you’re willing to pay.


Top 3 Benefits Of Using RTA Kitchen Cabinets



If you are remodeling your kitchen, you should consider using RTA kitchen cabinets. You can buy cabinets in various shapes and sizes. The best RTA cabinets feature dovetail drawers and soft-close hinges. They are also quiet and can glide smoothly. RTA cabinets’ downside is that they may have many inferior materials. For example, they are typically made from particle board instead of plywood. Low-quality components can quickly fade and ruin the luster of your kitchen.

Another big advantage of RTA cabinets is that they can be much cheaper to ship than pre-built cabinets. Because they are shipped flat, they also require less space. They can also be shipped faster than custom-built cabinets. Furthermore, RTA cabinets are often in stock. They come with all the necessary hardware and instructions. And unlike custom-built cabinets, you don’t need to hire a contractor to install them.


Top 3 Benefits Of Using RTA Kitchen Cabinets


Easier to install

When installing RTA kitchen cabinets, a little knowledge goes a long way. While RTA cabinets typically come with instruction booklets and diagrams to help you with installation, several online videos can also help you. To avoid confusion, check the items for damages or missing pieces before installing them.

Before purchasing any kitchen cabinets Austin, it is important to read the instructions provided by the manufacturer. The manufacturer should be able to provide you with detailed instructions that will make the process as easy as possible. Also, be sure to look into the company’s customer service, which can give you an idea of the quality of the product.

If you are a beginner, installing RTA cabinets may seem intimidating. However, these cabinets are easier to install than the typical home improvement project. Most RTA kits will come with tools that you need for the installation process. If uncomfortable with the installation process, you may wish to have a third-party install.

If your floor isn’t perfectly level, you may need to make minor adjustments. For instance, if you’re planning to install the cabinets on a slanted floor, make sure to install the base cabinets on ascribed filler strip parallel to the wall. These tracks will allow the base cabinets to sit four inches off the ground and have a three-inch-deep recess.

RTA cabinets are easy to assemble. Most pieces are pre-hung, so you don’t need special installation tools. Instead, you can use a screwdriver or cordless drill. Some RTA cabinet kits also have step-by-step videos to help assemble the pieces.


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