Top 3 Coffee Substitutes to Get Your Day Going

Coffee drinking is a habit that the majority of Americans follow daily, as 64% consume it each day without fail. With 3.1 cups being the average amount Americans drink daily, most likely one of those is the beverage that kickstarts their morning.

You’re not alone if you think of a coffee first thing in the morning, brew or buy it before work, and drink it in the morning to wake you up. Not only does the caffeine in coffee help you feel prepared for your day, but everything about the taste, smell, and familiarity feels like the perfect beginning to the day for those who love a good cup of joe.

As pleasant as that first cup of coffee in the morning is, unfortunately, it is very hard to stop there. Getting your day going with coffee is actually not recommended by experts for multiple reasons. For one thing, coffee has a dehydrating effect and when you wake up in the morning your body desperately needs to be replenished with fluids.

Additionally, when you drink coffee before you’ve adequately hydrated and fueled your body with nutrition, you are pretty much asking to deal with an overproduction of stomach acid, increased heart rate, and midday crash—which will make you want another cup to undo the effects of the first.

It is no secret that drinking too much coffee is bad for you and that once you start to feel dependent on your daily cups of coffee, you’re on a dangerous path to reliance and even addiction. You’re here because you’re ready to find a substitute for your morning coffee, whether for you or someone else. Let’s dive into the best alternatives to help you jumpstart your day.



While it may sound disappointing, water is the absolute best beverage you can consume in the morning (or any time of the day). As briefly mentioned above, you wake up from a night of sleep dehydrated because your body loses water content all night as you sleep. When you wake up and immediately refill your hydration levels, you feel more energized throughout the day.

You’re also able to move without worrying about injury since water cushions your joints, your cognitive function is sharper, and you’re setting yourself up for success with a positive mood (since rehydration has been shown to benefit mood). Even if you turn to another more flavorful beverage later in the morning, fill up on water first thing so that you can experience the advantages of being hydrated.


Top 3 Coffee Substitutes to Get Your Day Going



Speaking of hydrating, especially in the morning, tea is another excellent solution. Since drinking tea gives you a large amount of water, this beverage is also a perfect way to start your day. If you’re here on behalf of someone else who needs to make the switch, giving them a tea gift would be a great way to help them adjust.

Herbal tea refers to blends made from herbs, flowers, and spices, while black, green, and white tea originate from the Camellia sinensis plant. When preparing to gift tea, you’ll want to consider these two options for their slight differences. Let’s look at a few teas that are ideal to drink in the morning:

  • Matcha Tea 

Matcha is incredible for the boost of energy it provides, since it is high in caffeine but still offers health benefits so you’re far less likely to crash midday. Drink this first thing in the morning to head into your day with clarity and mental focus. A rich matcha powder that will froth into a soothing drink would make an amazing tea gift for someone struggling to quit coffee.

  • Black Tea 

Also high in caffeine, black tea gives you a much more manageable dosage of caffeine than coffee because it contains L-theanine; this means you receive a steady fix of caffeine over the day rather than all at once. Black tea supports digestion, heart health, and mental focus, among other benefits. Gift this tea gift to your loved ones as well.


Top 3 Coffee Substitutes to Get Your Day Going


Golden Milk

Golden milk is essentially a latte made from turmeric, often created with adjoining flavors of cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, or vanilla. Although it doesn’t contain caffeine, the powerful benefits of this drink set you up to have a productive day; golden milk is believed to aid in mental alertness, mood, digestion, and heart health. You will enjoy the delicious flavors and spicy smell at the very least, but we’re sure you’ll experience the health benefits as well.

Now that you know about healthy coffee substitutes that can help you wake up in the morning, you can start to decrease your dependency on coffee. If you’re researching alternatives for someone you know and want to encourage them to make the switch, try giving them a care package that they’ll want to use (you can find many lovely tea gifts that anyone would appreciate), and soon enough, they’ll see the benefits for themself. Experience the advantages of moving away from your morning coffee yourself by giving these options a try!


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