Top 3 Fire Pit Installation Tips

Fire pits are undoubtedly one of the trendiest outdoor installations in most homes in Calgary. They create a great ambiance in the house, light up the Calgary landscaping and outdoor renovations of the residents, and help families relax and unwind. Fire Pits also serve as a gathering place for afternoon barbecues, family gatherings, and even late-night entertaining.

However, this beautiful structure can cause a lot of harm if installed improperly. From burns to scalds and other injuries, firepits are a potential hazard if safety measures are not applied. For residents in Calgary looking to add a fire pit to their outdoor environment, here are regulations, requirements, and safety tips to adhere to during installation and use.


1)   Determine how and who will use your fire pit

Fire pits offer more than warmth and can also be used for preparing barbecues or burning wastes. It is essential to ascertain what the firepit will be mainly used for to determine the style, size, and manner of installation.

Fire pits built for wood burning should be properly-sized and allow for proper burning with little to no smoke evasion. Fire pits that may also be used to grill should be strong enough to take the weight of the grilling cast and also big enough for coal adjustment.

Concerning who will use the fire pit, ensure they are designed to offer safety to the adults huddled up around for warmth and for kids running around and roasting marshmallows.


Backyard Patio Design Idea 21 Fire Pit Installation


2)   Choose the best location

Although installing fire Calgary is difficult, choosing the best location for the fire pit is more stressful as several factors need to be considered. Ensure the desired location is safe and far away from people, kids, and anything that is easily flammable.

It should also be placed on a leveled surface and should be 20 to 30 feet wide. The chosen open space should be away from trees or structures hanging low to the ground. The direction of the wind should also be considered; otherwise, you might build a fire pit that will constantly blow smoke or ash into your house.

Ensure you consider your neighbours before building a fire pit as your chosen location might intrude on their comfort or damage their property.


Great Outdoor Patio Lighting Ideas Fire Pit Installation


3)   Pick your desired type of fire pit

Besides the regular wood fire pit, other kinds of fire pits offer comfort. Propane fire pits are unarguably one of the most comfortable types and are also beginning to gain popularity amongst homeowners. In recent Calgary landscaping, the propane fire pit is becoming more adopted as it allows the residents to start up fires without the need for woods and fire Calgary has been in charge of these constructions.

Outdoor fire pits come in various styles as some can be moved and carried around the house and can also burn fiercely without disintegrating, thus making them one of the most expensive fire pits. Gel fire pits are also common, although less common than wood and propane. They offer smokeless burning and are always readily available.

Wood burning is the most common fire pit type as they provide an authentic feel. The heath, the creaking of the wood upon the heath, and the unique smell of wood provide a complete experience.

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