Top 4 Quirky and Fun Date Ideas In Lancashire UK

Are you bored of the usual drink and dinner date routine? Whether it is your first date or your 100th it is always best to give your date an unusual experience. Searching for something romantic yet quirky to do in Lancashire in the northwest of England? Lancashire is full of picturesque countryside and there are fun and endless date options that will impress your date, but these options can feel overwhelming. The pandemic has made our dating lives much more difficult, but there lots of date ideas that are fun and safe even in a pandemic! Here, we’ve put together 4 quirky and fun date ideas in Lancashire that might just be the best date of your life.

date ideas in Lancashire

1. Hire a narrowboat in Garstang

Garstang is an ancient market town and was mentioned in the Domesday Book from 1086, pretty cool huh? Garstang is also of the oldest market towns in the United Kingdom. With a popular market tradition that stretches to the length of the street, Garstang is without a doubt a unique place to plan your Lancashire dating. Hire a narrowboat and explore the history and richness of the county in a boat for a day. Enjoy the beautiful scenery as you sail through at your own pace. There are so many boats hire companies to choose from and this can be booked easily online.


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2. See the wildlife at Morecambe Bay

Morecambe Bay offers some of the most jaw-dropping coastlines in the UK. Just like as and lakes and rolling hills, Morecambe has a stretched coastline overlooking the Irish sea. The golden sandy and beautiful beaches are a must-see attraction for tourists, but wildlife spotting in Morecambe Bay will be a fun and memorable date activity for your West Midlands dating.

Morecambe Bay is said to be one of the most important wildlife sites in Europe and offers many incredible wildlife experiences. One of the most thoughtful ways to enjoy Morecambe Bay with your date is by participating in a wildlife photography event. Not only will have an amazing time with your date, but you also will brush up on your photography skills.

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3. Spruce up Your Home

Most people wouldn’t consider home redecoration as a fun date idea till they actually try. There is nothing quite like spending time with your date in your shared abode, so why not give it a new makeover?

Whether you’re a homeowner or a renter, this period is a great time to do some cleaning, decluttering, DIY projects, and redecoration with your partner. Pinterest is a great place to get some decor or DIY inspiration. Browse your most-lusted homeware sites to get supplies needed for the project and get started!


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4. Take an Online Workout Class

Following an exercise routine is easier said than done, especially during a pandemic. Going to the gym might be restricted but you can still work out from home, and doing this with your partner is a great way to stay motivated. There are many great online workout classes to help you get started, if you’re on a tight budget, consider exploring free classes on platforms such as YouTube and even Instagram.


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