Top 4 Shower Floor Tiles: A Home Owners Guide

Last updated on May 29th, 2022

It is very important to choose the best shower floor tile. Ideally, a shower is a significant room in every home since this is mostly where the day being and unwinds. 

Shower flooring is a great deal as the wrong one can cause accidents. Slipping and falling in the bathroom is not something new. Many people have retained serious injuries after falling in the bathroom. Great shower floor tiles will ensure safety and a great appearance. 


What Can Be Considered a Good Shower Floor Tile

A good shower floor tile must have adequate grip and resistance to enable you to stand and walk around it without slipping. The shower tiles you choose are a big factor in whether your shower is safe or not. Stability is key when choosing your shower floor tiles.

Slick and shiny tiles may be appealing to your eyes but they are not the right ones for your shower. They could be very dangerous to stand or walk on once they are wet. For ultra-safe shower floor tiles, always go for the ones with a glaze or matte finish.

It is also important to keep your shower clean. The shower floor tiles you pick could make this easy or hard. Tiles in the bathroom cant escape getting water and it is important to choose a flooring that can withstand wetness for a long time. It is important to understand the pros and cons of different tile flooring before you settle for any.


The Best Type of Tiles For Your Shower Floor


Mosaic Tiles For Shower Floor

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Mosaic tiles are not only safe and great for your bathroom flooring, but they are also affordable. They are also very practical to use. Mosaic tiles are the most preferred due to their attractive appearance. They come in sheets that can be fixed in sections as opposed to the tiles that come one by one. This aspect makes the mosaic tiles easy to install.

Installing the mosaic tiles does not need an expert as it is straightforward. This makes them even cheaper because you can install the tiles without help or using a family member’s help if need be. As opposed to other types of shower flooring tiles, mosaic is not durable. However, it has the capacity to withstand water for a long time.


Pebble Tile For Shower Floor

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Pebble shower floor tiles are very ideal for your shower flooring. They are both safe and appealing. They give your shower a beachy feel and give you a great foot rub while stepping on it. However, during installation, you have to put them first before putting the other bathroom tiles.

The pebble tile shower floor has a tropical appearance which is really great, especially for nature lovers. You can use the tiles to make something thematic. The flooring also makes it easy for you to clean your feet as it gives you a fair rub. Pebbles are compact, rough, and large thus reducing the chances of slipping.

Although pebble tile shower floor has so many advantages, it has a few disadvantages too. For example, the pebble discolors with time due to pigment grout. Maintenance of pebbles tile flooring is high, especially between the pebbles. If the pebble is not properly installed, it could really look ugly.


Ceramic and Porcelain For Shower Floor

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When it comes to shower floor tile, ceramic and porcelain are preferred by most people. They are both stylish and durable. These two factors are why they are most people’s favorite shower tiles. Additionally, Ceramic and porcelain shower tiles are easy to maintain and clean. They are not easily stained. 

The ceramic and porcelain shower flooring comes in different designs; marble, stone, or wood thus giving you options to choose from. Moreover, these tiles are relatively cheap. They are heavily resistant to scratches thus maintaining their original look.

On the downside, ceramic and porcelain tiles are not easy to install. You cannot do it by yourself, you will need a professional to do that.

Stone Tiles Shower For Shower Floor

best tile for shower floor, pebble tile shower floor, mosaic tiles for shower floor

Some stone tiles can be a really great choice for your shower flooring. Slate is one of the best stone tile floorings for the shower. Slate is naturally textured thus increasing friction. The textured surface created by the slate tiles reduces accidents that may occur in the shower even if the tiles are wet.

Stone tiles are great in your shower area as they enhance security. However, they are not easy to maintain and clean. They are almost the hardest type of tiles to maintain. They will need regular attention as opposed to other types. They are also more expensive compared to other types of tiles.



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