Top 5 Benefits of Adding Indoor Plants to Your Home Decor

Indoor plants are having a moment. Since the start of the pandemic in 2020, plants have been flying off the shelves at stores and online botanical stores are doing record business.

If you’re thinking of incorporating indoor house plants into your decor but you’re on the fence, you’re in the right place. Check out these benefits of adding some plants to your living space.\


1. A Sense of Accomplishment

Selecting a plant, placing it in the right location, nurturing it every day, and then watching it grow gives you an extreme sense of accomplishment. This is especially relevant if you’ve never cared for a living thing before.

If your plant is suffering, figuring out what it needs and nursing it back to health gives you a sense of pride and ownership, which makes anyone feel good. Knowing about dracaena fragrans houseplant care, for example, is probably something you never thought you’d know.

2. Reduced Stress Levels

Gardening and caring for your plants is a proven stress-reliever. Research has found that indoor gardening lowered the stress response in participants. If you regularly care for your plants, you might find that you have a steady heart rate, lower blood pressure, and a better ability to respond to adverse situations in your life.

Taking care of plants is also a form of self-care, especially if you find it relaxing and rewarding.


Benefits of Adding Indoor Plants


3. Improved Air Quality

Indoor plants can clear the air of common indoor pollutants, such as benzene and VOCs through a process called phytoremediation. The best plants for improved air quality include:

  • Ficus trees
  • Rubber trees
  • Spider plants
  • Boston ferns
  • Bamboo and dwarf date palms

4. Productivity Booster

The stress relief of having plants in your space can contribute to increases in your productivity and creativity. Research on the impacts of plants in the workplace has found that employee productivity increased when plants were introduced into a work environment.

5. Faster Recovery

Plants can actually help you recover from injury or illness quicker. Patients in a hospital who had plants in their room required less pain medicine than those who did not have plants and also recovered quicker and were able to go home sooner.

Some plants even have medicinal qualities, like the aloe vera plant. Aloe from the plant can be used to heal sunburns and other skin irritation. Aloe vera juice can also help with heartburn and GI issues.


Which Indoor Plants Will You Add to Your Home?

Are you convinced that you need to add indoor plants to your space yet? From reduced stress levels to cleaner air, you can’t go wrong with adding a little greenery to your space. Make sure you choose plants that will work best in your home and consider any harm they may post to children and pets.

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