Top 5 Benefits of Having an Underfloor Heating System

The majority of Americans agree: the ideal temperature is somewhere in the 70s. That applies to the outdoors, and perhaps to the indoors as well.

If you’re looking for options for your indoor heating setup, you might have come across a new idea: an underfloor heating system. What are the benefits of this as opposed to your traditional HVAC system? Here are XX of the main reasons to install underfloor heating.


1. It’s Easy to Turn On

There’s nothing new to learn if you have an underfloor heating system installed by Wetrooms Designs or any other provider. You will turn it on just as you do with your current heating system. Simply flip the thermostat on and select your ideal temperature, and the floor will heat up to create that cozy environment.

On top of that, you can link your floor heating to smart thermostats, which turn on and off on their own. You will also enjoy the fact that this system requires very little maintenance, and most homeowners get 30 years of use from it with few required repairs.

2. Underfloor Heating Systems Use Less Energy

To warm up your house, radiators have to get extra hot. Think about it: these small metal grates have to pump out enough heat to make an entire room cozy enough. The average radiator runs at 150 degrees Fahrenheit or more.

Meanwhile, underfloor heating covers the whole room, so it only needs to be at about 84 degrees to maintain the same temperature. That’s half the amount of heat that a radiator requires. As such, your underfloor heating will use less energy to keep your house warm.

3. It’s More Cost-Effective

You could probably gather this from the above benefit. Because your underfloor heating system doesn’t use as much energy to keep your house warm, you’ll slash your utility bills.

Most homeowners save a notable amount of money by installing underfloor heating. The average user will note a 15 percent decrease in their home’s heating costs.

4. It Saves Space

Underfloor heating, as you can gather, goes underneath the floors in your home. So, you won’t need any more radiators in your space anymore. That means you can put your furniture against walls and under windows, thus making your living spaces seem all the more spacious.

5. It’s Safer

If you have kids or pets running around, you might worry about having radiators all over the house. They get very hot to the touch, which can hurt unsuspecting kids or animals.

Underfloor heating keeps everyone comfortable and safe. It gently heats the floors — no worries anymore about someone or something touching a surface that’s too hot.

Go For Underfloor Heating

Chances are, these five benefits have sold you on an underfloor heating system. It’s a smart decision — it keeps your home warm in a subtle, cost-effective way.

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