Top 5 Factors to Consider When Picking Landscaping Companies

Do you love your yard, but hate the constant maintenance involved to keep it looking nice? Nothing is worse than spending your weekends breaking out the mower, weed wacker, hedge trimmer, and other tools.

Fortunately, there are landscaping companies to accomplish this for you. However, finding the right crew to take care of your yard is not always an easy task. After all, you are relying on this company to routinely handle all aspects of curb appeal.

This guide will help you understand your options. Keep reading as we examine the top 5 factors to keep in mind when picking landscaping companies.


1) Read Reviews

Checking reviews is a smart idea before making any purchase. However, reviews and word-of-mouth recommendations for local landscaping services are specifically important.

This is not a one-time gig. A lawn crew will take care of your yard in perpetuity. As such, they need to come with high recommendations. Reading online reviews is a good start. Another idea is to ask your neighbors with similar-sized yards about who they use.

It’s not uncommon for a company to handle many yards in your neighborhood.


Top 5 Factors to Consider When Picking Landscaping Companies


2) Scheduling

As stated, landscaping is a continuous task. It’s important to check if the company you are eying has enough time and staff to work on your schedule. In the spring and summer months, the grass is growing fast. If not maintained, it will quickly get out of hand. A weekly service is required.

Alternatively, as the weather cools, the growth will stunt. You may want to cut back on the work. The company needs to have the manpower and time to work on your annual schedule.

3) Services Rendered

Landscaping is much more than mowing. Depending on your yard, you may want your company to perform many tasks. Think about edging, weeding, and maintaining the plants on-premises.

Many tasks call for special equipment. Discover the landscape service options offered. Does this company have the tools necessary to give your yard the best service? This question can be answered, in part, by this next tip.


Top 5 Factors to Consider When Picking Landscaping Companies


4) Experience

Remember, this isn’t the neighborhood youth cutting your grass. This guide is designed to find professionals. As such, a good lawn company should have experience with landscaping.

Many years on the job often translates to reliable work. If a company has a strong, long-standing reputation, they can likely understand the nuances of how you want the yard to look.

5) Cost

Finally, a deciding factor should be your budget. Shop around for a price that fits your needs. Many companies are willing to give your property a free quote. This will ensure you aren’t blindsided by the cost after the fact.


Picking Landscaping Companies for Your Yard

Picking landscaping companies isn’t an easy task. However, these tips should point you in the right direction. Use this guide to start enjoying your yard instead of working on it.

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