Top 5 Home Details Every Visitor Notices About Your Place

According to one study, 51% of people get stressed out by having to clean their house to prepare for guests. But what are those house visitors going to notice about your home decor?

Keep reading to discover which home details you should focus on cleaning for your guests.


1. Artwork

The artwork is one of the finer details people will notice about your living space.

Do you have any art that’s hung on the walls, or are they bare? You can tell so much about someone by what art they choose to hang on the wall.

You should include little accents and artwork on the walls to make them have a more homey feeling. You can also showcase a lot of your personality and style in simple decor.

2. Smell

Guests might also notice the smell of your home. You might not be able to smell it since you’re living in it, but other people will smell anything off as soon as they walk into a new space.

So make sure that the smell is a good one! You can achieve this by burning a scented candle or having an essential oil diffuser running a few hours before your guests arrive.

3. Cleanliness

Like it or not, guests will notice if your house is clean. Guests likely will focus on the cleanliness of the bathroom.

They’ll mostly be using soap and toilet paper, and they’ll notice if the toilet has bad stains on it. Focus on cleaning the sinks as well. The countertops, sinks, and handles should all be scrubbed clean.

If you don’t have time to clean everything yourself, you can hire a professional cleaning service like Detail Cleaning Services to help you out.

4. Wall Color

The wall color can be subjective, but it can also help set the tone of your place.

If you want a bright color, make sure that it’s not neon because this can make guests notice only the wall. If you choose a darker color, it might make them feel like they’re in a tight space. White or other neutral colors are always a safe bet.

5. Kitchens

If you’re having guests over for dinner, you should make sure that your kitchen and dining room area are cleaned. The kitchen doesn’t have to be spotless, but it should look clean enough to where guests feel comfortable having their food prepared.

Sometimes dining tables will get cluttered as well before dinner, so make sure you take time to remove any clutter before your guests arrive so that everyone has a good place to eat.


Discover More Home Details to Focus On

These are only a few key home details to focus on, but there are many others your guests might notice.

We know that running a home can be stressful, but we’re here to help you out. If you found this article interesting, explore our website for more home-related articles!

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