Top 5 Incredible Places to Visit in Kashmir

 The land of Kashmir is known not only for its beauty but also for the art that inspires many artists to pen down the beauty. Kashmir offers its tourists unique experiences such as spicy native food and of course a variety of teas, boating and relaxing at the cozy houseboats on Srinagar’s lakes, trekking on the snowy mountains, and visiting the many pilgrimage and religious sites, temples, and spiritual centers that are present throughout the state.

No doubt, Kashmir is unlike anywhere else in the world for its amazing purity and beauty. Kashmir Packages are considered to be the best to enjoy your Kashmir trip at its fullest. There are numerous varieties of places you can visit under the Kashmir Packages by Thrillophilia to make your tour a successful one. Here are some of the places listed below for your fantastic tour in Kashmir.


1. Srinagar

Your Kashmir Tour is incomplete without Srinagar Trip. Srinagar is unquestionably one of India’s most attractive and well-known tourist destinations. Srinagar will offer you everything in Kashmir, from boating to trekking, hiking to mountain biking, and bird viewing to water skiing.

You will also find the stunning Himalayan background with dazzling lakes surrounded by houseboats and Shikaras, Mughal architecture, and much more. The placement of the houses there gives Srinagar a distinctive beauty. It has its own charming way of living, with snow-capped mountains and Chinar trees providing a dream tour. Kashmiri handicrafts and dried fruits are very popular in the city.


Places to Visit in Kashmir


2. Pahalgam

Tourists seeking to see Lord Shiva’s mountain cave prefer the Pahalgam route to Amarnath, which serves as a base camp during the Amarnath Yatra. Pahalgam also hosts an incredible two-day Snow Festival where guests engage in winter activities such as skiing, snowball fight, snow-sledding, and many more. Golf, Hiking, and Angling are the other activities available to visitors.

Kashmir Vacation by Thrillophilia encourages visitors to go to this must-visit place. The place is surrounded by densely forested pine trees, meadows, and snow-capped Himalayan highlands. Although all of Pahalgam’s hotels have restaurants that serve both Indian and Continental cuisines, the tastiest meals are still served at the street food eateries.


Pahalgam og 27th Feb Places to Visit in Kashmir


3. Dal Lake

Dal Lake is Srinagar’s most well-known attraction and lies in the top places to visit in the Kashmir Trip by Thrillophilia. This place is surrounded by magnificent Pir Panjal mountains and Mughal Gardens and is great for family vacations, honeymoon couples, and even lone travelers seeking serenity.

One of Dal Lake’s main attractions is the canopied Shikaras that float on the water. The floating vegetable and flower market is also a must-visit tourist attraction. The greatest lodging choice in Srinagar for visitors is houseboats on the lake. Dal Lake, in addition to being a renowned tourist destination for nature lovers, also attracts anglers due to its abundance of fish.


Places to Visit in Kashmir


4. Yusmarg

When it comes to seeing Kashmir’s natural beauty, this is considered the ideal location. Yusmarg is also known as the ‘Meadows of Jesus’ due to its mesmerizing meadows and valleys. Yusmarg is a mini-paradise in itself and is one of the most popular weekend getaway spots in Kashmir.

No doubt, this is a must-visit place during the Kashmir Holiday. Some of Pir Panjal’s tallest peaks, such as the Tattakutti and Sunset Point, are located in this Meadow and offer spectacular views of the valleys below. Yusmarg is a fantastic tourist destination for all those wishing for a quiet and refreshing holiday amidst nature, sitting by the enchanting River Doodhganga and overlooking the magnificent Sunset and Tattakutti Peaks.

There are also a few Hindu shrines and temples sprinkled around the meadow. Yusmarg is blanketed in uninterrupted sheets of snow during the winter, making it an ideal location for snow activities such as skiing.


Places to Visit in Kashmir


5. Dachigam National Park

Dachigam Wildlife Sanctuary, with its varied flora and animals, is one of the best destinations for wildlife enthusiasts to explore near Srinagar in Kashmir tour by Thrillophilia. The place is home to the endangered Hangul or Kashmir Stag, as well as a variety of other Himalayan animal species. The park is surrounded by the Dagwan River, which passes through it, and the Sangathulu Valley, which forms the park’s higher reaches.

The Sangathulu Valley, also known as the Valley of Flowers, is a great place to go hiking in Dachigam National Park to see leopards and koklass pheasants. Aside from the Kashmir stag, there are herds of langurs, musk deer, black bears, and a variety of other animals. It is also one of the greatest Kashmir recognized destinations for birdwatchers due to the size of its bird population.


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