Top 5 Irish Foods to Try in Ireland

Visiting Ireland is the dream of many people. Its culture and cuisine are very interesting. In this blog, we will delve into the top 5 Irish foods you should try when visiting Ireland.

Actually, you will always miss the typical dishes of your country when abroad. You are used to the food, ingredients, sauces, and other things that have been part of your life. However, when you go to Ireland, you will surely identify with its gastronomy. It has something magic.

The flavors of Irish gastronomy come from centuries of evolution and culinary changes, influenced by the English conquest. Check out these top 5 Irish foods.


1. Fish and chips

Fish and chips is among the tastiest typical Irish foods. It is so tasty and popular that it is served in a larger part of restaurants in this country. However, it is best to eat it in its place of origin. Dwellers still put all their efforts into it. Without a doubt, fish and chips is one of the typical Irish food dishes you should try.


Top 5 Irish Foods to Try in Ireland

2. Carrot cake

As a typical dish, the carrot cake is one of the top 5 Irish foods you should try in Ireland.

We use carrots for almost everything in the kitchen today, but this time, carrots are hardly noticeable in this cake. Organic ceylon cinnamon powder, cream cheese, and crushed nuts stand out instead.


Top 5 Irish Foods to Try in Ireland

3. Irish stew

Besides being considered an Irish typical food, the Irish stew is one of the top 5 Irish foods every tourist should taste when in Ireland.

The main ingredients of the Irish stew are lamb, potatoes, onion, and parsley, and has plenty of variations. When visiting Dublin restaurants, this is one of the dishes of its gastronomy you cannot afford to miss. The Irish stew is to Ireland what paella is to Spain, or what junk food is to the United States. This dish is deeply linked to Irish history as well.


Top 5 Irish Foods to Try in Ireland

4. Boxty

Although it is served especially on Halloween, on the eve of All Saints’ Day, Boxty is one of the top 5 Irish foods to try in Ireland at any time of the year. Like much of Irish cuisine, this recipe consists of grating and frying potatoes. However, the traditional version of this dish includes raw potato, beaten with wheat flour, yeast, buttermilk, and egg.

This mixture is usually fried or grilled so that it is like a good crepe, which is served with Irish drinks. Undoubtedly, Boxty is one of the specialties of Irish food.


Top 5 Irish Foods

5. Bacon and Cabbage

Bacon with cabbage, or, as the Irish call it, bacon and cabbage, is one of the top 5 foods to try when in Ireland.

It is a dish that became very popular during the Great Famine in Ireland. In those years, almost all Irish farmers had only bacon and cabbage to prepare their meals.

Just like most Irish recipes, bacon and cabbage goes with potatoes but can be prepared in multiple ways. Its flavor is known and revered across Ireland.


wd 1 Top 5 Irish Foods


As you can see, the Irish diet is overwhelmingly varied. Now it’s your turn to go to Ireland and find out which of these top 5 Irish foods might surprise you.


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