Top 5 Most Common HVAC Issues and How to Fix Them

Now that summer is nearly here, your HVAC unit is about to begin its busy season. As this is the case, it is the least opportune time to have HVAC problems. Nothing is more troubling and uncomfortable than the cool air stopping. There are some common problems that range from HVAC warning signs to full-on problems. Some of these can be remedied with simple DIY repairs while others may require a technician. Here are the 5 most common HVAC issues and how you can fix them.


1. Thermostat Glitch

The HVAC unit is a complex system. As such, if you are having problems with your HVAC system, it’s not always the result of a faulty machine.

A regular issue that homeowners face is a glitching thermostat. The system keeps the temperature according to the settings on the thermostat. So if the readings are out of whack, the HVAC system will seem faulty.

Most times, the resolution is as simple as checking the settings or replacing the batteries. But sometimes, you need to call a professional to have a look at your system. You can click here to know more about the HVAC problems and the reason behind them.

2. Breakers

In most homes, the HVAC unit pulls the most electricity of any appliance. The average one uses around 3,500 watts. Because of this large energy usage, another common problem is a tripped breaker.

If the system has a clogged air filter, the console will overwork itself. This exertion will flip a breaker.

If the HVAC system is not working, check the breaker box first before you hire a technician. How’s that for a simple repair?

3. Limited Efficiency

Reduced efficiency from the HVAC unit can be a frustrating issue. You drop the temperature down, expecting to get comfortable. The system works overtime to reach it, but it can never quite get there.

Not only will this limited efficiency cost you money, running it like this could break it down. If the HVAC is not cooling as it should, it’s worth scheduling HVAC maintenance. It could be as simple as an air filter issue or something more sinister.

4. Refrigerant Problems

If you feel warm air blowing from your vents, see icing around the HVAC coils, or hear a hissing sound from the machine, it is more than likely a refrigerant issue.

The HVAC unit should maintain the levels of refrigerant over time. If you see a leak or are experiencing these problems, a repair is in order.

Fortunately, a professional service can replenish the refrigerant levels and you won’t be stuck with a massive repair cost.

5. Pooling Water

It’s true that your HVAC system will produce some water and condensation. However, this water should not be dripping in your house or pooling around the console.

The systems are designed in such a way as to drain the water away from the home. If you are seeing puddles, you probably have a problem with the drains, drain pans, or clogging.

Try to source the water and discover where the problems are.

Solve Your HVAC Issues

Take care of your HVAC issues before you get stuck in the hot months without cool air. These are a few of the common problems. Use this guide to help diagnose your system.

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