Top 5 Reasons Why You Need Faucet Filters in Your Home

If the water quality in your home does not meet exacting standards, it could negatively impact the health of your family. Faucet filters are an excellent way to make sure your water meets those standards. They can do a lot to improve water quality which in turn improves your health.

A faucet filter has a lot of benefits to take advantage of. From improved quality to cost savings, a water filter is one of the best investments you can make as a homeowner. So, read on for the top five reasons why you need a faucet filter!


1. Convenience

Using a water filter lets you skip the process of buying and lugging home jugs of water every week. You don’t need to store the empties either if you use a water service. Attaching the filter right to your faucet gives you access to unlimited water.

The best part is that you don’t need to pay a monthly fee. You buy the water filter once, and that’s it! The only recurring cost is buying the inserts for the filter.

2. Health

The best filter or water purification system will help improve your health. A faucet filter removes contaminants from your water like nitrates and heavy metals. You also get better tasting and better-smelling water as a bonus.

Using the tap instead of bottled water also helps with your health. Filter water doesn’t have harmful microplastics that can gather in your system. Keeping microplastics out of our bodies and the environment leads to a better future.

3. Money

Name brand bottled water costs a lot of money. And if that’s all you drink, you’re throwing away money you don’t have to. Even the best filter won’t cost as much bottled water, and that’s without a service.

If you do have a service, that price will be even higher. Water filters have an upfront cost that is still lower than buying bottled water. And the yearly cost of filter refills is nowhere near as expensive as that water service.

4. Environment

Even recycled, plastic bottles affect the environment. The majority of plastic is still made with petroleum. Recycling plastic only mitigates part of that.

Finding ways of cutting down on our petroleum use is important. That’s why water filters are a great option for our homes. Using a faucet filter cuts down on the use of plastic bottles, which is a good thing.

5. Technology

Water filters used to be large and very expensive. They needed lots of space in the home, whether that was under the sink or on the waterline. In the last few years, the size and price of the water filters shrank, allowing them to fit right on the faucet.

These smaller filters do as good if not better than the older, larger, and more expensive ones. They get the majority of the contaminants for a fraction of the price. Plus, they don’t make the water tasteless.


Choose the Best Faucet Filters

Good for the environment and good for your health, faucet filters are one of the smartest investments you can make. They improve your water quality, both in taste and smell. They cost much less than any bottled water, so check them out today!

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