Dine with Style: Top 5 Outdoor Dining Spots in London

It’s summertime!!!! Best time of the year to enjoy the golden sun in England. And, after series of lockdowns and COVID-related restrictions, we need more fresh air. It’s safe to say that people are now embracing the outdoor more than ever before.  Outdoor dining and drinking was somewhat the only choice for many restaurants and bars in London. But now that the lowdown has been lifted, people are still being cautious and preferring to dine out.

So it seems like this trend isn’t going away anytime soon. Are you planning a trip to London? or are you a local looking for outdoor dining inspiration. Here, we’ve rounded up the top 5 outdoor dining spots in London. So grab your family and friends and enjoy the incredible meals and stunning view.


1. Pantechnicon, Belgravia

Pantechnicon is a household name for fine roof terrace dining in Belgravia. With its stunning view and an impeccable menu inspired by a taste of Nordic and Japanese cultures, this restaurant is a must-try! While this restaurant also has beautiful indoor seating, the Nordic garden on the terrace has the edge with its unprecedented views on Belgravia.


Outdoor Dining Spots in London


2. Petersham Nurseries Café

This tranquil greenhouse escape is a great spot for fine breezy dining. Why we think this restaurant is London’s worst-kept secret? It looks beautiful no matter the time of the year. Petersham Nurseries Cafe’s menu features British commonly used ingredients such as pea shoots and asparagus and Bougainvillea blossoms on its slow food menu.

Looking for a great platform to make your restaurant bookings easy? Invite a friend and loved ones and book your appointment now with square meal because this greenhouse restaurant is too good to enjoy alone.  Also, remember to free up some space on your camera roll as you’re going before going as you’re going to need it!


unnamed 1 Outdoor Dining Spots in London


3. Cafe Biltmore

The delightful Cafe Bitmore is situated in the renowned Biltmore hotel in leafy Grosvenor Square. With an abundance of space and plenty of greenery, this restaurant is definitely worth the visit. The menu in Cafe Biltmore is simple yet mouth-watering: Tastefully done gastropub classics with an extensive wine list to go with.

This restaurant is competitively priced (for Mayfair)  and there is something for everyone. From a moreish fried chicken sandwich to pizza, steak, and a plate of oysters and grilled plaice, indulge yourself with an elegant lunch in Cafe Biltmore.


Outdoor Dining Spots in London


4.  The River Café, Hammersmith

Looking for a sun-dappled garden outdoor dining experience with Italian cuisine? The River Cafe in hammersmith might just be perfect for you. Stretching leisurely across a lawn overlooking River Thames, this restaurant is a must-visit when in London. The river cafe would get lots of bookings even if the location wasn’t so inviting because the food has been said to taste really good!


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5.  Chiltern Firehouse, Marylebone 

Of course! This picturesque restaurant has to make our list of the best outdoor dining spots in London. Run by famous hotelier André Balazs, the beautiful Chiltern Firehouse is the ideal spot for an elegant and sophisticated outdoor dining experience. It is secluded in a lively and beautifully decorated alfresco-style terrace and on the menu, there is something for everyone. So hurry up and try out their signature crab doughnuts and tender Ibérico pork, yumm!!


Outdoor Dining Spots in London


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