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Top 5 Things to Consider Before Buying Wood Countertops

Even before 2020, cooking at home was the preferred option for 98% of Americans when it comes to mealtimes. That makes the kitchen one of the most important rooms in any home for most people. Not only is the kitchen a hub pf meal preparation, but it’s also a gathering place for friends and family. If you want to warm the heart of your home, even more, adding some wood is a good place to start. Find out more about wood countertops and how to choose the best ones for your kitchen.


1. What Is the Best Wood for Countertops?

Maple and bamboo are the most common types of wooden Countertops used for the kitchen, as they’re so abundant. Yet, you can also opt for several other species. According to experts, hickory, and red oak are also good options. Hard maple is the toughest of all hardwood species and is highly resistant to abrasion and wear. That makes it ideal for kitchen counters.

According to experts, walnut, hickory, and red oak are also good options. Hard maple is the toughest of all hardwood species and is highly resistant to abrasion and wear. That makes it ideal for kitchen counters.

2. Are Wood Countertops Eco-Friendly?

Most types of wood are an abundant and sustainable resource. The species commonly used for kitchen counters are also often gathered from recycled sources.

The process of felling trees is a low carbon activity, especially when compared to the manufacturing processes involved in creating quartz, laminate, and other solid surface countertops.

3. Maintaining Wood Kitchen Countertops

Treated countertops are easy to maintain. All they need is regular cleaning with a damp cloth, and you can also treat them with a food-grade mineral oil finish once a month.

With heavy use, wood countertops are prone to scratching and staining. You can remedy this by re-sanding and re-sealing them to create a good-as-new appearance.

4. Wood Countertops Pros and Cons

All wood is resilient and durable, but it’s susceptible to warping and spots when exposed to water. That’s why manufacturers treat countertops with at least four layers of oil when manufacturing counters.

It’s also warmer and softer to the touch than other popular kitchen surfaces like quartz or granite.

Wood countertops work well as a kitchen surface for chopping and cutting. They’re equally effective when used as an attractive bar counter that serves many as a focal point.

You can choose from a huge variety of stains and finishes, and carpenters can cut wood countertops into any shape or size.

5. Are Wood Countertops Expensive?

Butcher block is one of the most inexpensive wood countertops. It’s cheaper than granite but more expensive than laminate.

Some species of wood cost more than others, too. Hard rock maple is the most affordable type of wooden countertop, while cherry and maple countertops cost more.

Other cost factors relating to wooden countertops include the way the wood’s put together. Edge grain butcher block is the most common design, while end grain construction costs more.


Buying Wood Countertops


Beautifying Your Home

Wood countertops are a gorgeous addition to any kitchen, but this isn’t the only area of your home that can benefit from the beauty of this natural material.

It’s also a wonderful substance to use for frames, tables, decorations, and other furniture.

Would you like to find out more ways to beautify your home’s interiors? Browse our website for all the best ideas.

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