Top 5 Virtual Date Ideas for You to Try This Lockdown

The pandemic has no doubt completely decimated the dating scene. It has become a daunting process to find love and even keeping the romance alive in a long-distance relationship. These are indeed strange times for romance. Despite the reoccurring lockdowns, lovebirds are constantly looking for creative and romantic ways to date while being stuck at home. To keep your virtual date exciting, we’ve put together the top 5 virtual date ideas that will help you get the balling rolling.


Virtual Date Ideas


1. Cook dinner “together

This is a great way to do something exciting with your date while being miles apart. You can either decide to try out a new recipe or cook/bake something you both like. How to go about it? But the same ingredient and cook the same meal while video calling. This gives you something to talk about, other than each other. If your date is competitive, this could serve as an exciting challenge. Who cooked the boeuf bourguignonne with a better finesse?

2. Have a double date

Invite another long-distance couple to join your date via video chatting and over wine. There is always so much to talk about on a double date. How their day went? How they’ve managed to keep the romance alive during lockdown?  Do they have some juicy gossip? To make this even more exciting, make it a game night! Pictionary, Charades, and Jackbox Games are great for virtual double dates.

Single and trying to find love during this lockdown? Dating sites such as Wiltshire dating is a great place to get started as it focuses on helping singles find local love online.

3. Netflix and chill

Imagine a world without Netflix! No can’t do! Watch movies or even binge on series together. Gone are the days when you have to click play at the same time to stream a movie with your date. The Netflix Party, now known as ‘teleparty’ or Metastream chrome extension makes it easier to stream movies with your date and even other people.

It provides a chatbox for small talks during the movie, pretty cool huh?. It’s alright to ‘chill‘ after the movie, we mean sex y’all! Virtual dating can be sexually frustrating for many, so who says you can’t make a mutual masturbation sesh? It’s up to you, my friend. Not a big movie buff? Playing poker online could also be more fun than you bargain for.

4. Curate a photo slideshow

This is one of the most ideal virtual date ideas if your relationship is new. It is an opportunity to learn about each other. Do some digging in your Facebook photo albums, create a PowerPoint presentation and share those memories with your date and watch makes each event or even hilarious. Share with each other your hometown, places you have lived, your family, pets, or places you have traveled to.

5. Have an apartment “show-and-tell”

Create your own version on MTV cribs! Give each other a virtual tour of your homes. What inspired the interior design or furniture choices? What is the most sentimental thing in their home? What is the most expensive thing they’ve ever purchased? You could also give each other a closet tour and show off your favorite items of clothing. Maybe take it up a notch with a sexy fashion show. This is a great way to find out what they like when buying gifts in the future.


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