Top 7 Free and Fun Things to Do in London with Kids

London is a great city to travel with children. Whether it’s a short getaway, a weekend or a somewhat longer vacation, a getaway to London with children will surely end up captivating the little ones in the house. Here are 7 free and enjoyable places when visiting London with kids.

London is not intended to be exhaustive, as it has many more activities that children will like. This city offers a wealth of fun and free things for kids. Whether you are going to spend 4 or just 3 days in London with kids, these 7 places are amazing.


London with kids

1. Stroll in the parks

London has numerous parks with tons of activities for children. Parks like Hyde Park in Central London, Green Park, and St. James’s Park, are the best to go birdwatching in the lakes. Additionally, you can see and feed squirrels. So dads, be prepared with nuts. The Diana Princess of Wales Memorial Playground is one of the top attractions when dropping about London with kids.


London with kids
Hyde Park

2. Visit the most popular toy store in the United Kingdom

The famous Hamley’s toy store is located on Regent Street in Central London. This impressive 6-storey toy store will leave you speechless undoubtedly.


London with kids

3. TATE Modern for children

Among the many free museums in London, one of the most attractive venues when visiting London with kids is the Tate Modern. A visit to the Tate Modern will not only help them develop their understanding of art movements, but they also allow them to behold interactive exhibitions especially designed for the enjoyment of children (and adults, for sure). London’s Tate Modern works hard to make its collection more appealing for parents who visit London with kids.


London with kids
Beautiful view of Tate Modern

4. Natural History Museum

The natural history museum, especially its dinasour room, is one of the favorite London attractions. It is easy to get lost in this fantastic museum!

5. Victoria and Albert Museum of Childhood

This museum showcases a wide collection of toys dating back to 1872. It also offers numerous activities for children. The only drawback is that it is a bit far from downtown and you will have to go by public transport or taxi. If you’ll be driving your personal vehicle, make your book your MOT online ahead of the trip.


London with kids

6. Kew Gardens

Although adults have to pay a ticket to enter the Royal Botanic Gardens in London, children under 17 have free admission. Here you will find gardens, parks, and activities to spend the whole day when going to London with kids.


London with kids

7. Tower of London

It is a place you can’t afford to overlook when visiting London with kids. Watching the Beefeaters (English guards), learning about the history of the tower’s ravens, and seeing the Crown Jewels are some activities kids can do in the Tower of London. Next to the Crown Jewels, you have the HMS Belfast, a World War II ship whose interior has been conveniently adapted for children to go in.

Besides these fun and free activities, London also has a wide range of paid tours, visits, attractions and other activities specifically for children, in which the whole family can also take part in.


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