Top 7 Incredible Advantages of Lip Filling You Should Know

Aging is inevitable and so it is impossible to hold back on certain physical and appearance changes. The most common thing you can experience with aging is the facial aesthetic change along with the lips. Gradually it starts losing its definition and volume leading to lower self-esteem. However, with lip augmentation, you can restore your facial aesthetic appearance again without any side effects. Want to learn more advantages of lip filling? Read on to know about the top 7 benefits of this natural and non-invasive solution.


Advantages of Lip Filling

1. Versatility can be added in numerous areas

  • Smokers lines (perioral lines) which run in the vertical direction in the upper lip can be reduced
  • A prominent definition can be added to philtrum ridges (lines going upwards from upper lip to nose)
  • Lip definition and width get improved with a defined lip outline or the vermilion border
  • The volume gets added to both upper and lower lips fleshy part enabling you to create a fuller pout
  • Much definition is delivered to cupid’s bow
  • More discretion is offered to the oral commissures (lines run down from the mouth sides
  • Reduction of the marionette lines (lines running from the lips’ corners)

2. Benefits from painless easy and fast procedure

Merely 20 minutes is needed for administering the entire procedure of lip filling with the help of an ultra-fine needle. The conjunction of anesthesia is also done to ensure the procedure painlessly. A slight pin-prick-like sensation can be experienced for a couple of hours post-procedure. Afterward, no acute or severe pain can be encountered at all as they aren’t associated with the treatment.

3. Natural-looking results

Basically, lip fillers help in enhancing the natural features of the lips that will change the entire facial make-up. It makes the lips look aesthetic, accentuated with outlines, and contours by restoring them.

4. Non-synthetic filler

Hyaluronic acid is used as the prime ingredient of lip fillers that can be already found in the body. At a young age, the skin has plenty of hyaluronic acids resulting in voluminous and wrinkle-free skin.

With aging, it is natural that the amount of this acid will get depleted leading to the emergence of creases and deep lines. Lip filling is just an artificial method to replenish the hyaluronic acid level back into your skin so that you can obtain the younger-version skin again.

5. Beauty-balancing

There are many women especially celebrities raving about lip augmentation to obtain instant visible results. To offer this immediate affordability and natural look, lip filling is done with the help of dermal fillers similar to serums. Even it makes the lips sexier and fuller than ever offering much symmetry in the facial structure.

That’s why this simple and fast cosmetic treatment boosts the self-confidence level in many women at the same time. As with normal aging lips get deflated or thinned and the lip injections assist in restoring the lost volume adding more definition in the lip line. A much-needed balance can be added to the face too with voluptuous lips.

6. Long-term effect with consecutive procedures

Usually, the lip filling effect lasts for 6-month only but it can be rendered in the long haul with consecutive procedures. After a month of the first session, you have to visit the doctor for touch-up treatment, and follow-up will be there afterward as well to prolong the effect in the future.

7. Little to no side effects

Minimal allergic reactions and any side effects can be observed with hyaluronic acid lip filing. During the consultation, it is imperative for the patients to highlight the risk of allergies along with the medication regimen. This will help in the selection of perfect filler by the clinician.

In case the patient is highly vulnerable to allergy from any specific ingredient of Lip filler then a small test is performed prior to commence the whole procedure. In this process, the doctor injects a small amount of the ingredient in the patient arms to assess whether any allergic reaction gets observed or not!

So these are some amazing benefits of lip filler or augmentation. If you are interested in this cosmetic procedure then contact your cosmetic surgeon to assess the most appropriate solution for you. Click here for more info.


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