Top 8 Benefits of a Home Standing Desk

Are you looking for ways to improve how you work-from-home? Does your home office need a revamp to keep you motivated and productive?

While many people got a taste of working from home during the pandemic, others have been and will be working remotely for a long time or permanently.

When this is the case, paying special attention to your home workspace is required. No boss will provide you with all the necessary tools to succeed, such as a home standing desk.

There are many parts to working from home that need to be addressed, and one of the biggest is your health. If you’re sitting for eight hours a day, your body isn’t getting the physical activity it needs to be at its healthiest.

If you’re ready to up your work-from-home game, read the guide below to learn the top benefits of using a home-standing desk.


Top 8 Benefits of a Home Standing Desk


1. Reduces Risk of Weight Gain 

As many people in 2020 learned, working remotely can often lead to weight gain. Most remote work requires using a computer all day, and if you do so while sitting, you’ll continuously take in calories when eating without burning any throughout your day.

If this occurs in the long term, it can result in obesity and other health issues. To avoid this, using a home and office standing desk will allow you to burn many more calories while working.

While exercising is the most effective way to burn calories, choosing standing over sitting is quite effective in avoiding excessive weight gain.

2. Lowers Blood Sugar Levels 

The more your blood sugar levels spike after eating a meal, the more at risk you are for developing type 2 diabetes. If you already have diabetes, this spike puts you at an even higher risk for severe health issues.

There are studies that suggest standing after eating a meal can help lower these blood sugar levels, specifically when standing for 180 minutes compared to those that sat after a meal.

So, if you choose to use a standing desk after eating lunch, you can lower your blood sugar levels and your risk for type 2 diabetes.

3. Decreases Your Chance for Heart Disease 

Lowering the risk of heart disease is one of the many benefits of a standing desk.

Standing has been thought to be beneficial for your heart health since 1953, when a study was done to compare the health of bus conductors versus bus drivers. It was discovered that bus conductors had half the risk of dying of heart disease versus bus drivers due to their job requiring that they stand all day long.

It is thought that sitting all day can be so detrimental to your heart health that an hour of intense exercise cannot fix the damage.




4. Minimizes Back Pain 

The best standing desk will not only keep you on your feet all day but will also help to reduce your back pain.

Prolonged sitting often causes back pain, and it is one of the most common complaints that office workers who sit all day have.

Standing desks can help minimize lower back pain and reduce upper-back and neck pain when used as an alternative to sitting. This is especially helpful for those who experience chronic back pain.

To get the most from your standing desk, try using a mat explicitly made to help support your back. This can help to improve your posture, which is an essential element in reducing back pain.

5. Improves Mood and Energy Levels

Using a stand-up desk instead of sitting can help reduce fatigue and stress and improve mood and energy levels.

Being sedentary all day is linked to more mental health issues such as depression, but standing can help lower these risks by keeping your body active, improving more than just your physical health.

6. May Help Boost Productivity 

There is a thought that using a standing desk may hinder productivity levels, such as the time it takes to learn how to type while standing.

However, there is no evidence that this is the case. In fact, because standing can help increase mood and energy levels, standing at work may boost productivity instead of hinder it.

7. Helps You Live a Long Life

If you’re looking to lengthen your lifespan, you may want to consider using a standing desk.

As there are many links between being sedentary, heart disease, and type 2 diabetes, you’re at a much greater risk of dying early if you sit all day. If you change this by standing, you can increase your life expectancy significantly.

Even if you aren’t ready to stand all day, by switching between sitting and standing and lowering the amount of time you’re sedentary, you’ll be helping to increase your chances of living a long life.

8. Reduces the Risk of Cancer

Living a sedentary lifestyle also puts you at a greater risk for certain cancers, such as colon cancer, breast cancer, and lung cancer.

Since using a standing desk will require you not to be sitting, this can help lower your risks. It will also help you become more active in general, as standing will encourage you to walk around, sway, or take small steps.

You’ll spend more of your day up and about, most likely not just standing still, which will benefit your entire body.


Ready to Try a Home Standing Desk?

The benefits of using a home standing desk are numerous, and there aren’t very many negatives. If you’re ready to elevate your health and home office, it’s time to get rid of your chairs and invest in a standing desk!

If you’d like more lifestyle advice like this, we’ve got you covered. Please browse through the rest of our blog now!

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