Top 8 Paint Colors that will Make Your Gun Less Noticeable

There are different reasons why it is essential to paint your gun. Apart from giving it a fresh personalized look, painting your gun makes it look neat. But you should remember that “every great artist has a closet full of bad paintings.” Sometimes, you may want to add lighter colors on your gun when the climate is too hot and your gun gets hot.

At times, we only want to change the color or just break up the outline. Above all, you may want to camouflage your gun to make it less noticeable as you move. But before you change the color of your gun, enquire if the issuing agency or authority allows the paint color change.

And if you plan to sell it soon, adding color paint to your gun may not be a bright idea as many people don’t like guns with fancy colors. And they concur with one Sarah Cade when she said, “when gun manufacturers try to market to me with pink, I abhor it. If the most attractive thing about your product is the color, you are messing up,” Nevertheless, whichever color you chose, don’t worry.


Top 8 Paint Colors that will Make Your Gun Less Noticeable


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Ultimately, if you want to paint your gun to make it look less noticeable, here are 8 paint colors you might want to consider. 1.

1. Camouflage colors 

To make your gun less noticeable, you can use a cocktail of paint colors that blend well with the environment. Essentially, camouflage colors make the gun obscure, and you won’t see it easily. Certainly, you can’t hide some guns under your clothing at any time. 

In such cases, you won’t prevent people from seeing it. But you may make it less noticeable by using camouflage colors. If your environment or clothing is green, then you paint it green. Or light green and a shade of brown if you are to pass through such an environment.

2. Forest green 

Painting your gun using a forest green paint color may make it less noticeable. After all, most areas in the environment are green. Therefore, your gun will easily merge with the environment. 

And people won’t see the gun easily when you place it beside you as you sit or relax in an open-air green environment. This is because peoples’ eyes will tend to be distracted by the green environment. Indeed, the forest green color is less bright, so your gun won’t be noticeable quickly.

3. Earth browns 

The earth brown or coyote brown will blend well with the environment since many areas in the environment have a brown color. If you are carrying a gun, it will be less noticeable in many environments.

4. Army green 

This paint color hue is popular with armies throughout the world, hence army green. The green blends seamlessly with the environment, and the army men may not be noticeable when in the natural environment. 

More so, the guns they carry won’t be seen quickly due to the army green color. Likewise, you can paint your gun using army green paint, and the gun will be less noticeable. 

5. Grey 

The paint color grey bordering on cream white is another color that makes your gun less noticeable. Generally, gray is a warm color, which doesn’t shout “I’m here.” 

In essence, dull colors make the gun more obscure, especially when worn with grey garments. Reportedly, luminous gray color changes with the shadows and time. So, it’s a great color to help make it less noticeable.

6. Blush 

Blush refers to a soft pink paint color that many people don’t associate with a firearm. Therefore, despite it not being a shouting color, anyone who sees the gun in a flash won’t think anything about it. And he won’t notice the gun as it will pass for something else.

7. Beige 

Beige is also less bright, and it doesn’t shout. It is calming for someone to avoid the noticeable white, yet you remain away from the bright yellow. With beige, your firearm is a bit obscure, and people will take time before noticing you have a gun.

8. Bright pink or bright blue 

Thinking this is a joke? No, it’s not a joke. How many people associate such bright colors with a firearm? On the contrary, such paint colors get associated with children’s toys and not real guns. 

So, if your jacket gets blown away and someone notices something flashy under it, he won’t conclude that it’s a firearm. In fact, he may mistake it for a toy or not even take it seriously at first. 


kmkm Make Your Gun Less Noticeable


Final take 

In a word, choosing a paint color to make your gun less noticeable may not be very easy. In any case, why carry a gun and then conceal it? 

While dull colors are the best to conceal a gun, some bright colors may occasionally fool people into thinking they didn’t see a real gun. In the end, using camouflage colors, gray, forest green, army green, grey, and beige, may help you make your gun less noticeable. 


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