Top 9 Best Types of Fabrics for Upholstered Furniture

Upholstered furniture is renowned for its comfort, luxury, and style. As people’s interests and preferences have evolved, the need for upholstered furniture has multiplied in the modern day. The modern consumer wants comfortable furniture in addition to beautiful furnishings.

Padded furniture, always covered in fabric, is referred to as upholstered furniture. It has a steel or wooden frame, over which are fastened springs and padding. The padding or cushioning is then totally hidden by a piece of fabric.

Contrary to what one might believe from the word at face value, upholstered furniture is not just restricted to sofas. There are upholstered dining chairs, couches, double and triple-seater sofas, and living room chairs. You can locate the right upholstered furniture for any room in your home that needs furnishing.


Is there any variety in upholstered furniture?

Numerous designs, types, and unusual color and pattern combinations exist for upholstered furniture. Most individuals enjoy this style of furniture because of the many design options. The upholstery fabric, which covers the springs and cushioning over the furniture’s frame, is the most crucial element in determining the appearance and comfort of upholstered furniture.

You can choose from different fabrics for upholstery furniture in the market. If you’re new to the world of upholstery, consider the different varieties of upholstery fabric and choose the one that best fits the requirements of your home. When you go to buy upholstered furniture or if you want to reupholster your furniture, you will see many types of upholstery fabric. Every sort of upholstery fabric has its charm and effect. If you are well informed about the various upholstery fabrics, making a decision will be simple.

1.   Leather

Leather is the most popular and commonly used upholstery material. In addition to being cozy, leather upholstery also has an abundant appearance, a grand feel, and an expensive fragrance. In living spaces, furniture with leather upholstery looks stunning.


  • Leather upholstery requires little upkeep. The lifespan of leather-upholstered furniture can reach five years, depending on how well you take care of it. Leather does not retain moisture or stains, so if you spill something, you can wipe it off with a cloth.
  • Due to the high level of durability of leather, leather-upholstered furniture can last for a very long period. It resists several goods and chemicals that could harm the furniture.
  • Leather does not smell terrible since it does not absorb spilled substances. Other fabrics quickly absorb liquid spills, leaving the furniture with a foul odor. If you have dogs, leather is the best upholstery option for you. Your furnishings won’t retain their odor. Additionally, leather upholstery won’t even absorb the smell of smoke if you smoke.


Top 9 Best Types of Fabrics for Upholstered Furniture

2.    Polyester

A piece of popular upholstery fabric is polyester, a type of microfiber. Since it comes in various colors, you may select polyester-upholstered furniture that matches any home design theme. Polyester upholstery has a nice appearance and has a similar “premium feel” to leather upholstery on furniture.


  • Polyester is a very supple and cozy fabric that provides you with the comfort you want.
  • Upholstered furniture made of polyester is straightforward to clean.
  • In the event of spills or washing, polyester upholstery fabric dries relatively quickly.
  • It is quite durable because it is stain- and abrasion-resistant.
  • Polyester fabric is not as porous as other breathable fabrics and does not absorb odors.


njk Types of Fabrics for Upholstered Furniture


3. Olefin

Olefin is a synthetic fiber made from petroleum. It is incredibly resilient and is ideally suited for places where the furniture is used quite severely and endures a considerable degree of wear. Olefin is one of the upholstery fabric varieties that lasts the longest and has a wool-like appearance and feel.


  • Olefin is water-resistant since it is formed from melted plastic.
  • Both fire and chemical resistance exist.
  • Olefin upholstery may be cleansed of any water-based stains.
  • It won’t fade quickly.
  • Bleach can be used to clean it.
  • Rather than coloring the fabric after it is woven, the dye is put into the melted plastic to give the fabric its uniform color throughout.

4.   Rayon

Semi-synthetic rayon is a fiber. It is adaptable and provides comfort on par with genuine natural fibers. The most recent variations of rayon are frequently used in upholstered furniture, even though it is not a very resilient upholstery fabric.


  • Upholstery fabric made of rayon is incredibly affordable.
  • It is pretty plush and cozy.
  • It is mold and moth-resistant.
  • The more recent rayon types are more resilient.


Top 9 Best Types of Fabrics for Upholstered Furniture


5.   Wool

Wool is a natural material that works well for upholstery. There is considerable diversity in it. It is warm and soft, and because of these characteristics, it makes for cozy upholstery. When choosing a couch for your living area, consider wool upholstery. Despite not being frequently used for upholstery, wool has a lot of advantages.


  • Blends of wool that are used for upholstery are pretty cozy.
  • It resists both fire and water.
  • It is made of sustainable materials.
  • Wool has insulating qualities that keep it cool in hot weather and warm in cold weather.
  • Wool is strong.
  • It is mold and mildew-resistant.
  • It doesn’t dwindle.
  • It is wrinkle-free.

6.    Acetate

Popular upholstery material is acetate. It is a synthetic fabric that was initially created to mimic the sheen and brilliance of silk. It gives the furnishings an opulent appearance. The formal sitting space is made more elegant and refined, with furniture covered in acetate. Acetate is not as robust as other synthetic fibers, despite making lovely upholstery fabric.


  • It is humidity-resistant.
  • It has a silk-like sheen and luster.
  • Acetate doesn’t pill easily.
  • The cheap upholstery material is acetate.
  • It is mold and mildew-resistant.


knj Types of Fabrics for Upholstered Furniture


7.  Cotton

The most popular and widely used upholstery fabric is cotton. The strongest upholstery is made from natural fibers. Given how easily cotton can be dyed, cotton upholstery fabric is available in every color imaginable. Most significantly, cotton is offered in various grades, so regardless of your budget, you may choose a cotton grade that fits it. Cotton is a widely used upholstery material for good reasons.


  • Cotton is entirely natural.
  • It can almost always be colored in any hue.
  • It is supple and cozy.
  • It’s permeable.
  • One of the most resilient fabrics is cotton.
  • It doesn’t pill.
  • It is abrasion resistant.
  • Because cotton is hypoallergenic, it is suitable for those with susceptible skin.

8.     Silk

One of the most expensive and opulent natural textiles is silk. Silk is a wise purchase for spaces with a formal aesthetic. Silk may last a very long time if properly maintained. Silk is the most opulent fabric, known for its unrivaled sheen and softness.


  • If properly cared for, silk can last a very long time.
  • It looks opulent and official.
  • It comes in a large selection of hues, patterns, and styles.
  • It is capable of keeping its shape.


jkn bn Types of Fabrics for Upholstered Furniture


9.    Linen

A natural fiber that derives from the flax plant is linen. It is one of the most widely used and reasonably priced upholstery fabrics. To enhance its qualities, it is frequently blended with synthetic fibers.


  • Its slubby texture gives linen upholstery its enticing feel, which we all adore.
  • Because linen is so soft and supple to the touch, it is a highly comfortable cloth.
  • Among all varieties of upholstery fabric, it is one of the toughest and most durable.
  • It is inexpensive.
  • When wet, it grows stronger.
  • It is not billable.
  • It is resistant to abrasion.
  • The sheen and luster of linen are inherent. Beige to ecru grey, its natural, earthy color looks incredibly classy.
  • In addition to being antimicrobial, linen also resists mildew.


Finding an upholstery fabric that meets your needs may be challenging because there are so many different sorts. However, before choosing upholstery fabric, you should consider a few factors. These considerations include the furniture’s intended use (formal or informal), the presence or absence of dogs in the home, the ease with which the fabric can be cleaned, stain resistance, and, most importantly, the cost.

If you want your furniture to raise the bar for your car, choosing the correct upholstery fabric is just as crucial as choosing the right design.


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