Top Animated Dog Characters from Our Childhood

As a child, the most memorable time was when it was the cartoon hour. The distinctive characters, personalities, and the endless variety of fiction stories made our day, didn’t they? The most fascinating of all cartoons and animated stories were those with the dogs. I have to say, every generation since the ’90s is utterly thankful for the cartoon shows with cute and funny dog characters. 

A Saturday morning would be incomplete without some of our best-animated dog’s cartoon. This cartoon and animated dogs may not be real. But the emotions attached to their unique characters will remain with our last breath. The dogs are cute, lovely, and adorable in every character portrayed by the screenwriters. 

The celebrity status they own would never be eclipsed in the modern-day light. So, recalling the nostalgic feeling down below are the list of our favorite most animated dogs that I’m sure you loved too. 


Top Animated Dogs Character

  • Droopy McPoodle 

The famous star dog cartoon from the late 80s and early 90s created by Tex Avery. The dog was shown as lazy but man could he outsmart his enemies! His wits were mind-blowing. Although Droopy was a serious kind of dog this animated dog had the hearts of every 90s kid back then. 

He was super adorable; would make you laugh and the quiet nature of this dog had us fall in love with the character. 

If you are thinking about the dog breed type then Droopy was a Basset hound. Originally the breed is supposed to be one of the hunting dog breeds but the cartoon had given a plethora of character to this paw pal.

Top Animated Dog Characters from Our Childhood


  • Courage the Cowardly Dog

The time at Cartoon Network when Eugine and her dog, a Beagle, Courage, would face all the monsters in their upside world used to be a fun watch.

The character of Courage was an unusual dog with pink fur! Being owned by the Kansas family, the Courage was implied as a yellow-bellied dog. This show was a must-watch for every dog lover. Although some episodes could be pretty much annoying and slow to watch still the show made it to the Oscar nominations.

courage the cowardly dog animated dog Characters


  • Scooby-Doo 

So what dog breed was Scooby-Doo? Imagine if a gang of friends with their pet dog a Great Dane happen to solve mysteries all over the town? 

Sounds fun? Then do watch the cartoon series Scooby-Doo. it is one of the most recognizable shows ever to exist on television. 

Although Scooby was as cowardly as Shaggy, his human friend, the humor the pet-owner presented is the best of all. It is in fact the all-time favorite cartoon dog pairings to ever be shown. So, if you ever see another list of great cartoon shows with a dog, Scooby-Doo will be on the list. 

Top Animated Dog Characters from Our Childhood


  • Pluto 

One of the earliest of Disney’s marvel was the character of Mickey Mouse, a rat. Later on, in the cartoon series, he had a dog pal, a bloodhound, named Pluto. Originally the dog character appeared in The Picnic (1930) as Minnie’s dog named Rover but soon the canine proportions were changed. 

The cheerful and adventurous soul of Pluto made great headlines in the world where animals usually were seen speaking dialogues. If you want to see the dog-worthy antics, then you cannot miss watching the Mickey Mouse cartoon with Pluto. 

Top Animated Dog Characters from Our Childhood

  • Snoopy 

Did you know Snoopy was also named Sniffy? If it wasn’t for Charles Schulz, the original creator, the comic strip would have gone by the name Sniffy. 

Good thing the name changed. Snoopy sounds so better. 

If you pick this cartoon as your favorite most dog cartoon, then no surprise there. Undoubtedly one of the best cartoon dogs of all the time, we love Snoopy. The Beagle had catered all the attention with the exploration, being good natures, and all the good qualities kids love seeing in a dog.

I believe he is the only dog to travel on space exploration! Of course, it’s the cartoon but hey no dog has precedence over him so far. 

pampling snoopy dog pampling 1553830277.large animated dog Characters


  • Odie 

Garfield was a pretty popular character of the bossy and lazy cat who came with the victim and best friend dog named Odie. although he was not such a clever dog sure was an adorable one. 

According to the cartoon he was adopted by Garfiel’s owner. 

A lost dog with no family is surely a heartbreaking point but let’s not overlook the fact that despite being an unwanted dog he was simple and kind-hearted too. He may act stupid at times but did outsmart Garfield even in certain situations. 

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So, which one of these is your favorite cartoon dog? All hands down I’m a Scooby-Doo lover. Do share your favorite dog cartoon!


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