Top 3 Destinations for the Perfect Honeymoon

A great honeymoon should be something special, a unique experience tailored exactly to your shared interests as a couple, and a reflection of your relationship and love for each other. It is also a wonderful opportunity to relax and unwind after the stress of wedding planning, and finally, have some time that is purely for you and your spouse. You might want to book a cruise for 2022, explore the Austrian Alps on a bicycle, or find peace and tranquility on a tropical beach. It is entirely up to you.

When you are planning your honeymoon, you should definitely take a look at your joint bucket list; what better excuse to head off on an adventure that you couldn’t justify at any other time? You’ll also want to think about what style of vacation you want, whether you want to be super-active or completely relaxed, and how much luxury you can afford.

With all this in mind, these are three of the best destinations in the world for a perfect honeymoon.


1. Greece

Greece has a little bit of almost everything you could possibly ask for in a honeymoon. Gorgeous beaches? Check. Mouthwatering cuisine? Check. Stunning views? Check. Amazing history and culture? Check and check again.

Whether you choose one of the thousands of unbelievably beautiful islands or the excitement and historical sites of Athens and the mainland, you can build the perfect honeymoon with ease when you head to Greece.


Greece Honeymoon Couple Santorini Destinations for the Perfect Honeymoon


2. Zanzibar

This little jewel just off the coast of Tanzania is an increasingly popular honeymoon destination as more luxury hotels open up, drawn by the exquisite white-sand beaches and remarkably clear turquoise waters. It is still a relatively undiscovered gem, however, and you can easily find yourself with a beautiful beach just for the two of you!

One of the best things about Zanzibar is the ability to create a combo vacation with a safari exploring the vast wilderness of mainland Tanzania. A bush and beach honeymoon could be just the thing to appeal to the explorer and the luxury lover in you!


WDQ Destinations for the Perfect Honeymoon


3. New Zealand

New Zealand is all about mind-blowing landscapes, snowy peaks, long, adventurous hikes, and looking glass-still bays. It offers up the ultimate active honeymoon with almost every adventure sport you could possibly think of, and probably a couple you’ve never heard of!

But it’s not just mountain climbing and bungee jumping – Auckland, Christchurch, and Wellington offer a more cosmopolitan experience with world-class restaurants, exciting luxury hotels, and wonderful cultural experiences. When you add in the extraordinary wine scene of Marlborough, this becomes one of the most underrated honeymoon destinations on the planet!


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Planning the perfect honeymoon is an intensely personal experience, but hopefully, these destinations and examples can offer some inspiration for the most important vacation you will ever take!


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