Top Home Renovation Ideas to Refresh Your Living Space With Style

Did you know almost a third of households did some kind of renovation project last year? As going out becomes more expensive, people are spending more money on their homes. But can you do a renovation on a budget? You may be surprised to see how much can change with very little expense. Read on as we discuss the must-know home renovation ideas.


Creating a Home Office

The home office was previously the domain of people who did not know what to do with the spare room. Very often, the home office would include a desk, double up as a guest room with a bed, then contain items people did not want elsewhere in the house. However, the switch to remote working has given the home office a new lease of life.

Home renovation advice is that if you are putting in an office, do it properly. To begin with, if you work from home anyway, it gives you a space to focus. You can finally move away from the kitchen table, where you may find distractions from the rest of the family.

You may have a spare bedroom you can use. By putting in a sofa bed instead of a static mattress and frame, you give it more of an office feel instead of a jumbled mismatch. Keep the office light, and fill it with plants and greenery as if it was a working, city-style loft space.

If you have a larger budget, you may be able to make an extension on the building itself. Make sure you have lots of storage, so it can also be used to house records and files.


Home Renovation Ideas


Focus on Your Exterior

Many people tend to focus on the inside of the home when they do a renovation. However, one of the best home renovation ideas is to work on the outside. It can add value to your property and make the building much more homely and inviting.

Start by upgrading the front door area. This is where the eyes are drawn when we set foot on the property, as it is the entrance to the home. Consider putting in a new security door, to add protection and visual appeal to the building.

After this, give some of your funds to tidying the yard and garden. The aim is to make it an appealing place to spend time. You may want to hire a landscaper for the project.

Carrying on this theme, think about creating spaces that can be used as living areas. Decked areas or pergolas covering seated sections are a great idea. They can also be created relatively inexpensively.

Upgrade the Kitchen

The kitchen has a very unique place in home renovation. It is an area you spend a lot of time in and has a functional purpose. In addition, it can not be replaced or renovated as easily as the rest of the house, making it imperative to get it right and have appeal if you are trying to sell.

If you can afford a full kitchen renovation, then don’t go for something fashionable. Instead, aim for a classic look. This ensures the kitchen will not fall out of trend if you come to sell the property later.

If you don’t have money to replace everything, then go smaller. Try to change out fittings and handles on the cupboards. If your budget stretches further, get new appliances.


ewq 3 Home Renovation Ideas


Change the Living Room

The living room is one of the places where DIY renovation ideas can have a huge impact on a small budget. One of the easiest freshening up ideas is to apply a new coat of paint. Choose neutral, light colors to keep the space looking bright and airy.

Carry on this theme by adding as much light to the room as possible. Natural light is the key, so try switching out blinds and drapes for something lighter to let in more natural sunlight. If you have dark, angular corners, then use mirrors to reflect into dark spaces.

Of course, it is not possible to have natural light when the sun goes down. This is when you need to add artificial lighting in the form of lamps and bigger, ceiling fittings. Aim for ambiance instead of huge, powerful light sources by using smaller fittings and lower energy bulbs.

Go Neutral in the Bathroom

Like the kitchen, the bathroom can cost a lot to fully renovate. In fact, you may want to consider renovation loans if you want a full change here. However, you can employ a few strategies to make a vast improvement with little expenditure.

Start by using a neutral color palette, that fits with the outside hallway or room. This blurs the line between the two areas, giving the illusion of space. Monochromatic, black, and white choices always work well with this, whatever the situation.

After this, try to install storage. While it may seem like a cupboard and fittings take away from the space, having items tucked away neatly will make everything look cleaner and more modern.

If your budget stretches, then you may consider replacing the taps and fittings. They take much more wear and tear than basins. You would be surprised how new taps and a coat of paint can make a bathroom look almost brand new.

After this, you should address any small maintenance issues. This may include issues such as leaking taps, broken tiles, and fittings.


Home Renovation Ideas


Starting With Home Renovation Ideas

In summary, these home renovation ideas can be done with very little investment. Work out a budget before you start, and decide on your most pressing areas. With a little work, your home will look new.

If you found this article useful, we have many more to help. From decorating to DIY, let us help build your dream home starting today!


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