Top of the Heap: The Best States to Move to

During the pandemic, research shows that 22% of adults relocated or knew someone who did. Often, the reason for relocating was a new job offer, being closer to family, retirement, or a lifestyle change. No matter the reason, moving is a huge decision, especially if you choose to move to another state. Thus, it is important to learn which are the best states to move to before choosing. This post will consider some of the best states to move to and help you decide if these regions are a good fit for you!



If you love sports, seafood, and history, Massachusetts may be the place for you!

The economy is thriving and is the perfect place to find jobs in the tech industry, education, agriculture, trade, or even fishing. No matter your profession, it’s likely that you can find a high-paying job in the state of Massachusetts!


Montana is one of the best places to live if you love national parks and wildlife. The hot springs, mountains, lakes, and rivers provide you with plenty of opportunities to explore and enjoy sports like rafting or skiing.

Moreover, the people in Montana are usually quite friendly and welcoming, which makes it a pleasant place to live. Plus, it’s not too far from the Pacific Northwest, Midwest, or Canada, so you have unlimited options for weekend getaways.

New York

Historically, New York has been the home of many immigrants from countries from all over the world, and today, you can experience the best of these cultures in NYC.

There are also diverse exhibits, shows, and schools for theater, dance, art, and other performances. Thus, New York is one of the best states to live in if you are an art, cultural, or entertainment enthusiast and want to experience all four seasons each year.


The Best States



The natural beauty of Colorado makes it one of the best places to live if you love the outdoors. Moreover, it is one of the healthiest states in the nation, and those who live here are less likely to be obese or experience weight-related health issues.

Many people agree that it is one of the best states to move to from California since it is relatively more affordable but with a similar landscape and culture.


If you dream of escaping to a tropical island, Hawaii is the best state for you! There are plenty of beautiful beaches to unwind and relax on, rainforests to hike in, and exotic foods to try.

Many people agree that it is one of the best states to retire since island life is much more relaxed than on the mainland.

Discovering the Best States to Move to

After reading this post, you likely have an idea of which state is right for you! But, of course, there are pros and cons of living in every state, so it is up to you to decide which is best!

Did this post help you decide the best states to move to in the nation? If so, be sure to check out more of our interesting content!


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