Top Reasons to Move Around Canada

Canada is a beautifully diverse country embodied by its people and land. You can surf in one part of the country, ride on horseback through long flat fields on the prairies, visit our parliament buildings in our Nation’s Capital, enjoy the vast cultural differences of big city metropolises like Toronto or Montreal, and immerse yourself in the French culture of Quebec.

Plus on the East Coast lies some of the best coastal scenery you will see in the world. Let’s dig into some of our reasons for moving across Canada:


1. Work From Anywhere includes Work From Anywhere in Canada

These days many of us work from home and that means we can literally work from anywhere in Canada too. So if you wake up one day in Toronto, call a moving company, and move to Montreal, you can still keep your job plus in the case of Toronto and Montreal, housing prices drop dramatically as you move from one market to the other.

Also if you work from your computer, you could choose to settle in a small town in Northern BC (if small towns are more your thing). Besides, you may also have an opportunity of getting a temporary job offered to foreigners.

In this case, you need to get hired by a company that has already gone through LMIA process in Canada (Processus d’EIMT au Canada) and has permission for hiring foreign workers.

And why wouldn’t you want to move around Canada and explore all the beauty this country has to offer?

2. Health Care in Canada is Free No Matter Where you Move

And that brings us to health care. As most people are aware, health care is essentially free in Canada. Not totally free, as a portion of our taxes goes towards our Health Care but free enough that you can get rushed to the hospital tomorrow, be sick in the hospital for a month, have major surgery, and when it’s time to leave you won’t be billed a penny for health care services.

It doesn’t matter if you’re in a tiny town in BC or in Toronto or in Montreal. The scenery, culture, and history may change from place to place as your moving company takes you across the country but your health care doesn’t

3. Freedom to Move and Freedom to Move where Housing Prices are Lower

Housing prices and rent take up a huge proportion of our incomes and they heavily influence where we decide to live. Well in Canada, the diversity that we see all around us includes a diversity of living costs. Take Toronto for example. It’s arguably the cultural hub of Canada but it is also massively expensive to live in!

The average housing price in Toronto is $1.1 million versus Montreal which sits at $660,000. That’s a huge difference! So if you’re living in Toronto and you love the big city vibe but hate the housing prices then call your favorite Toronto to Montreal moving company and you’ll be on your way to another big city with a rich history but not rich housing prices.

Moving to Vancouver would be great too as the mountains and ocean make for beautiful scenery but the housing prices in Vancouver are not that far off from Toronto so you may want to think twice before making that move.

In the end, though it’s all up to you, what kind of scenery you enjoy, whether you prefer a big city or small town, and how much you want to spend on living costs. But when you’re ready to move, call your favorite moving company and we’ll get you on your way in no time!


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