Top Tips for a Cozier Garden Office

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With so many people now working from home, there has been an increased interest in a garden office. It makes sense – it allows people to work from home while maintaining separation from their personal space. Nobody wants to work in a cold and uncomfortable room, though, and that is a concern for people building an office in their back garden. To make sure the space is as cozy as possible, use these top tips.


Create Enough Space

First of all, you must ensure there is plenty of room for the furniture. Don’t just give yourself enough room to sit down in the chair, though. When working, you will want to stretch out from time to time! Have a look for quality residential construction to not only ensure a stable build but also give your garden office enough space to work comfortably.

Warm it Up

Shivering while you boot up your computer is not the way you want to begin your workday, which is why it’s so important to keep the office warm. Insulation is a must – double-paned windows and wall insulation will help with this. You could also place a space heater in the room for the winter days when it’s particularly cold.


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Use Bright Colors

The last thing you want is a dark, dank office – that won’t make you feel motivated! As you likely don’t have a lot of space, it’s important to use bright colors to lift the atmosphere. Blues, reds, and oranges work well.

Let the Light in

As you are building a garden office, it makes sense to make the most of the light and the nature surrounding the space by letting as much natural light in as possible. Huge glass doors and windows are popular for garden offices for this very reason. Just keep in mind that you will be working at a computer in that space, so try to avoid sitting directly in front of the sun.


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Use Comfortable Furniture

The type of furniture you use will have an enormous impact on how comfortable you are while working. Buying the right office chair is particularly important – you want one that will support your back through all your typing, email reading, and zoom meetings. A desk with enough surface space at an appropriate height is also a must-have. It’s better to buy your high-quality furniture early on so that you build a garden office that fits it in perfectly.

Decorate with Personal Items

Just as you would in a work office, you should decorate your outdoor office with plenty of personal items like family photographs or art pieces. It will help make the space feel more comfortable and personal, meaning you’ll be happy to spend plenty of time there. For a little extra comfort, you could even place a coffee machine and a mini-fridge in the space for midday snacks and coffees!


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A garden office is perfect for people who work from home. As you will spend around eight hours a day in there, it’s important to make it as comfortable, warm, and appealing as possible.

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