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Top Tips for Commercial Bathroom Renovations

Every building needs to have efficient and clean bathrooms for people to use comfortably. If you want everyone to enjoy their few seconds inside the toilet, you may need to renovate it. Building owners remodel the bathrooms not just to provide better aesthetics but to improve functionality as well. 

Renovating a bathroom requires extensive planning with professional contractors and a designer. They can help you choose the suitable designs, materials, and other elements that go into the bathroom renovation. However, you can learn some tips yourself to ensure you renovate your bathroom the way you want it.


1. Set a Solid Budget

Talking to your contractors and designers won’t matter if you can’t give them a budget to start with the renovation. You can speak with your building’s accounting department to learn how much funding you can use for the bathroom renovation project. If you had previous projects that used the building budget, expect that you’ll get a minor figure until you can regain the lost money again.

You may need to push through with the renovation whether you have enough or more budget for different reasons. One reason is that your bathroom can have severe issues like broken walls that need fixing as quickly as possible. Note that leaving bathroom problems unattended for a long time will cause them to grow and become difficult and expensive to resolve.


Top Tips for Commercial Bathroom Renovations
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2. Conduct a Meeting with the Renovators

Once you have the budget for your bathroom renovation, ensure you discuss with your contractors, designers, and other essential people involved to figure out how you want your bathroom to look. You can also use resources for the designing phase, such as website forums tailored to construction renovation and commercial bathroom photos from the internet. 

Your team will meet about the renovation process and learn the processes involved to achieve a successful project. Depending on the project’s scale, they may need a few days, a week, or more. Expect your bathroom renovation to start and end without a problem after they agree with all of the elements included within the renovation project.


Top Tips for Commercial Bathroom Renovations
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3. Choose a Reliable Renovation Contractor

If you still don’t have a contractor who will handle the renovation project, you need to look for a reliable one that can finish it without too much problem. Randomly selecting and hiring a contractor won’t guarantee that the renovation’s outcome will be fantastic since you don’t know anything about them. 

You can start by making a list of prospective contractors for commercial bathroom renovations who has years of experience and the ability to successfully rebuild your bathroom. If the commercial bathroom renovation requires multiple contractors, always pick the best of the best.


Commercial Bathroom Renovations
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4. Look for a Trusted Construction Material Supplier

Your contractor can’t start renovating your commercial bathroom if they don’t have the required materials. Most of the time, renovation contractors already have contacts with reliable construction material suppliers from their past renovation projects. 

You can also recommend your suppliers if you want to expand their options with the available materials they can use on your commercial bathroom. The more materials they have at their disposal, the more design possibilities you can achieve for your commercial bathroom. 

Remember that other suppliers can’t provide specific materials like general-purpose access doors and panels for your renovation project.


Top Tips for Commercial Bathroom Renovations
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5. Add Useful Features

You can help achieve a better experience for people using your bathroom by adding different functional features. An example is motion sensor lights that turn themselves on or off when it detects movement. You get to benefit from that feature because it ensures your lights stay off when no one’s inside the bathroom.

One more commercial bathroom features are self-flushing toilets and urinals. Nowadays, people avoid touching unsanitized surfaces, and the bathroom is one of those. Even having cleaning personnel can’t guarantee 100% sanitation. You can prevent everyone from touching the toilet handle by placing motion sensors that’ll flush dirty water themselves.

Ensure your commercial bathroom renovation becomes successful by keeping in mind these helpful tips. Many commercial building owners follow them because it always gives them a higher success rate. Contact your professional contractor and suppliers now!


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