Top Tips for Finding the Right Decorative Wall Panelling for Your Office

Top tips for finding the right decorative wall panelling for your office vary depending on what you need it for. Some of the more obvious qualities of the right office as decorative wall panelling are that it has to be able to provide privacy, but how can you be sure it will do that, and what can you expect from it? Here are some of the main qualities of office wall panelling that you can consider when making a choice about what wall panelling to get for your office.

Look for a wall panelling that has a professional finish

Firstly, look for a wall panelling that has a professional finish. It should look good and have a look of professionalism. You want people to walk in on professional-looking wall panelling. This gives them the impression that the company they work for actually cares about their appearance and that they look after their own space.

Choose the right colours and style

Secondly, look for colours that go with your office colour scheme. Think about the decor of your cubicle as well as your office. Choose decorative wall panelling that matches well. If it’s too extreme, it won’t blend well, and if it’s too dark, it will look a bit harsh.

Consider what kind of style you want your office to have. This is particularly important for people who are redecorating an already existing office. You might want to stick to classic, traditional styles if this is what your office already has going for it. Otherwise, you’ll want to check out the modern and contemporary decor.

Consider also what the other furniture in the room is like. For instance, if you have a lot of wooden furniture, then you’ll probably want to go with more traditional wall panels. On the other hand, if you have a lot of metal furniture, then you might want to go with more modern designs. Keep in mind that the style you choose will be one of the main accents of your workplace.

Decorative Wall Panelling

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Choose a wall panelling that is versatile and flexible

Thirdly, look for a wall panelling that is flexible. This way, it can be used to create a number of different effects, such as subtle or striking, depending upon the mood that you want to set. Some office partitions are fixed on the floor. Other types of wall panelling, such as those that you could roll down, may need glazing to help them stay in place and look attractive.

Consider how the panelling will be used

The fourth top tips for finding the right decorative wall panelling is to consider how the panelling will be used. If you plan on hanging it up, for example, then make sure that it’s in keeping with the overall design of your office. On the other hand, if you’re considering installing wall panelling in a space where it doesn’t already belong, then consider whether you have the time and budget for this. Also, if you can install wall panelling yourself, then this is a good option as well.

Where can you find these perfect decor pieces? 

A great idea would be to browse through the internet about interior designs. You might also consider checking out websites such as Panasphere panels, as this site often has many different options for wall panels and decorating. Just remember that you should find a theme that fits your company’s overall image. If your company is professional, then you should probably stick to whiteboards and whiteboard decals. If your company is fun and whimsical, then go crazy and have a lot of fun decorating!

The bottom line is that having creative ideas can definitely benefit your office. Just make sure that you don’t overdo it. Too much of a good thing can actually turn off your clients, so keeping it simple and elegant is key when you are thinking of decorating. Hopefully, these top tips for finding the right office decor will help you out. Just remember to take your time when choosing the decor, and to choose decor that fits with your current office furniture. Remember to be creative, and don’t be afraid to experiment!


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