Top Tips for Staying Safe on Your Trip

Travel is a beautiful way to experience new cultures, make friends, and unlock fantastic new experiences you’ll never get while staying at home. However, no one wants a beautiful trip ruined by safety concerns. Up to 87% of travelers worry about their safety while on the road or in the air. Today we’re bringing you some top tips to help you stay safe and enjoy the best possible experience.


It Starts With You

Luckily, almost all the horror stories you hear about traveling start from tourists acting foolishly rather than any inherent danger. From flashing valuables around when they shouldn’t to assuming the local thieves are on holiday just because you are, curbing foolish behavior while away from home can immensely increase your safety while traveling. Here are some top considerations:

Tech Smart, not Tech Heavy

We live in a digital world, and you will need some tech essentials to help you stay comfortable and in touch with loved ones on the road. Lighten the load, look for multi-use technology (a phone can be a communication device, helps you access the internet, and a camera all rolled into one, for example), and be careful about letting people see what fancy gadgets you’ve brought.


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Cybercrime Conscious

Unsecured Wi-Fi is simply something you have to deal with on the road. Few people realize the risks to their safety and personal data logging onto a range of unsecured accessible networks. Using a VPN to mask your location, such as the Express VPN app, will significantly help. Remember to practice good ‘digital hygiene’ and stay safe, too!

Ensure Insurance

Many travelers skip travel insurance, seeing it as a ‘waste’ of money. However, when something goes wrong, you need people who can help you access the help you need immediately. No one wants to be sick or struggling in a foreign country. A small fee can bring you peace of mind.

Stay Safe

Almost all hotels have a safe you can use to secure valuables. Remember, your rooms are ‘porous’ when you travel, with a host of hotel staff having easy access to your goods. While most reputable hotels vet staff safely, take responsibility for your own high-ticket items and keep them hidden in the safe.

Travel Light

While carrying traveler cheques for your destination was once a given, the digital transformation has made accessing money while abroad far safer and more convenient. Only carry a limited amount of cash, and make sure you don’t carry it in the same place – split it between pockets, wallets, or even discreet money belts and body packs. Some smart travelers even use ‘decoy’ wallets filled with smaller notes and keep the bulk of their cash closer to them.


Top Tips for Staying Safe on Your Trip


Skip the Flash, Act the Part

Behavior is a huge factor in travel safety, too. Listen to locals and tourist guides. Don’t venture into unsafe areas at all, and don’t travel alone. Be wary of walking at night, and watch out before you get in vehicles like Uber and taxis. Remember, you’re a stranger there and don’t know the city ‘vibe’ as you do at home.

Bear in mind that every place has its grungy areas and no-go zones. You wouldn’t just saunter down any street at home wearing all your flashy valuables and jewelry and slowly staring at everything, so don’t act like you can do it on holiday, either. And needless to say, don’t indulge in high-risk behaviors just because you’re on holiday!

It’s pretty easy to stay safe and have a great travel experience if you use common sense and pack smart, so don’t let safety concerns stop you from experiencing the world in all its glory.


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