Trampoline Home Insurance: Should You Report Your Trampoline to Your Insurance?

More than 300,000 people received medical treatment for trampoline-related injuries in 2018. When trampoline injuries occur, the injured party might file a home insurance claim.

As a result, home insurance companies want to know if a homeowner has a trampoline before offering an insurance policy to the person.

So if you have a trampoline, should you tell your insurance agent? The answer is yes. Your agent needs to know, and you might need to shop around for trampoline home insurance.

Check out this guide to learn more about trampolines and home insurance.


Why Insurance Companies Want to Know

When you contact an insurance agent for homeowners insurance, the agent will ask you questions. The purpose of the questions is to determine your risk level. After all, your risk level affects the quote they offer.

Therefore, the agent will ask if you have a swimming pool, dog, or wood burner. They’ll also ask if you have a trampoline.

Every insurance company has rules relating to restrictions and the ways they handle quotes. For example, some insurance companies won’t insure homes with trampolines, while others might insure them but will charge extra.

Insurance companies know the risks of trampolines. If injuries occur, they can lead to claims the insurance company must pay.

Effects of Failing to Report Your Trampoline

So when the home insurance agent asks if you have a trampoline, you might want to say no even if you do. However, you should be honest. Failing to report that you have a trampoline could result in problems.

The first issue is the company might not cover a claim. Thus, you could face financial problems if someone encounters injuries from your trampoline, as you would be financially responsible for the damages.

Secondly, a home insurance company might cancel your policy. Many insurance companies inspect homes when insuring them. They might cancel your policy if they come to your home and see your trampoline.

An insurance company can also decide not to renew your plan when it expires. Even the best insurance companies can do these things, so you should be honest if you have a trampoline.

Finding Trampoline Home Insurance

The good news is that some insurance companies accept homeowners with trampolines. First, however, you should shop around.

For example, you can search for “homeowners insurance trampolines” to find companies that offer home insurance for people with trampolines.

You can request quotes for trampoline insurance from these companies and compare the costs.

Having home insurance is vital for every homeowner, and you need a plan that offers all the protection you need. Thus, you need trampoline coverage if you have a trampoline.

Protect Yourself Through the Right Home Insurance

Home insurance protects you, but it only protects you if you get the right coverage and plan. Therefore, you’ll need to find trampoline home insurance if you have a trampoline at your house.

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