Travel Essentials For Women: A Complete Travel Checklist

Do you overpack your suitcase or backpack when traveling but still, manage to forget an essential item? We’ve all been there. Being a bag packer myself, I know there is nothing is more frustrating than spending months planning the perfect vacay in your head only to travel and then realize you left your travel essentials behind.

Whether you are traveling for a month or just the weekend, there are somethings a should never travel without. It doesn’t always have difficulty, just use a checklist! We’ve got your back on this one ladies. Here is a complete list of travel essentials for women you have definitely use as a checklist when packing.


Travel documents & bags

  • Passport– even if it’s a road or interstate trip, you should always have at least an extra copy of the front page of your passport (email one to yourself so you can always access it.
  •  A driver’s license (or any additional photo ID).
  •  Plane or train tickets and bus passes (depending on where you’re going).
  • Money- a debit/ credit card. You’ll need some local currency in small denominations for when you arrive, some street vendors might not accept card payment when you get tempted to buy some souvenir off the streets.
  • Health insurance card and contact number– if your health insurance is not valid in the country you are visiting, make sure you purchase travel medical insurance before traveling.
  • Prescriptions forms– if you’re on any type of medication, ask your doctor to give a new prescription you can travel with, just in case you lose any, you can always replace it from the pharmacy.
  • Contact list– make a contact, not just on your phone. Consider creating a small laminated card with emergency phone numbers like that of your family members, doctors, friends, or insurance companies in case you get lost or lose your phone.
  • Pen and notebook – (Optional).
  • Your luggage–  a travel backpack or a small carry-on rolling suitcase
  •  One large bag- that can also double up as a beach bag


Travel essentials For women


Health, hygiene, and beauty essentials

  1. Cleanser and Moisturiser (under 100 ml)- (optional)
  2. Hand sanitizer
  3. Travel size hair straightener- if your traveling with a hair straightener or blow dryer, always make sure they are small-sized. A dryer might not be necessary, must hotels and holiday homes provide this
  4. Eye mask- (optional)
  5. Sunscreen- is essential, even on cloudy days
  6. Toothbrush, floss, and travel size toothpaste
  7. Shower gel, shampoo, and conditioner
  8. Condoms– always pop a condom in your travel bag ladies, better safe than sorry right?
  9. Vitamins
  10. Tampons- female hygiene products are a must when traveling, even though you can buy them almost anywhere in the world, be prepared! you don’t want to randomly run out
  11. Contraception
  12. At least one deodorant
  13. Minimal make-up– except the totally live for the GLAM, you don’t have to travel with all your makeup, there is a high chance you won’t wear all that make-up, especially in warmer climates.
  14. Comb and hairpins
  15. Nail polish–  in the shade of your manicure, in case they chip
  16. First Aid Items
  17. Pain killers – such as ibuprofen to help with the hangovers
  18. Hand and face lotion (s)– I recommend SPF


Travel essentials For women


Clothing essentials

  • One pair of dressy flats – a color that goes with any outfit. Painful shoes can ruin any trip, almost every lady has been through this (I learned the hard way, it almost ruined my Eiffel tower tour on my first trip to Paris).
  • Sufficient amount of underwear: depending on the length of your stay, but you should have enough last you at least a week. I suggest at least, 2 bras, 7 pairs of panties, and 2 sports bras.
  • A smart cardigan or jacket – one you can wear out if it gets chilly.
  • Every item should match-  do not take the top that matches only with a specific pair of trousers, consider planning your outfits before packing them.
  • One evening bag/clutch –  a color and style that goes with every outfit.
  • Sunglasses – for when you land at the other end- this is essential, especially in summer.
  • Nightwear – something cute but comfortable and that you can wear around your family or friends.
  • Bikini – one for every three days of pool/beach time.


Untitled design 3 3 Travel essentials For women


Tech essentials

  1. Mobile phone
  2. Travel Adapter- before you travel abroad, always find out about the kind of plug used there (P.S, I learned this hard way)
  3. Earplugs
  4. Camera and Accessories– to capture the beautiful moments, although, your phone can serve this purpose. Except you already own one or want to go beyond what’s on your phone
  5. Portable USB charger
  6. Speakers for tunes-  preferably a portable one
  7. Laptop and tablet- which are both optional, you don’t always have to travel with your laptop unless you’ll be working with it (I always use my computer for work, reading, and movies when I travel)
  8. Power cord for all devices 


Untitled design 2 4 Travel essentials For women


Comfort essentials

  • Travel Pillow- do not underestimate comfort on the plane, especially if it is a long trip, you’ll thank yourself!
  • A big scarf or pashmina -that can double as a mini blanket for covering up and cooler evening, also very useful on the plane
  • Water bottle
  • 3 Spare comfy socks -also useful on the plane, at least one or two should be wool to combat cold nights.
  • Hats-  to cover your face and sunglasses (optional)
  • Face cloth/face wipes


Travel essentials For women



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  • May 19, 2020 at 4:17 pm

    I can’t imagine not having a face cloth while traveling by road?this is so helpful


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