Traveling To A New City? Embrace Cycling To Explore It Better

Have you ever imagined cycling through the beautiful coastal town of St. Tropez, the roads of Rome, the beautiful backwaters of Kerala, or the majestic Himalayan mountains? Experiencing these stunning scenic views definitely has to be one of the highlights of our lives. Our lives are a total of experiences, and we must fill them with as many beautiful experiences as possible.

Mother Earth has provided us with scenic beauties like lush green forests, beautiful beaches, and tall mountains. Our human creativity has provided us with ancient towns, precious monuments, and so much more. The only thing required here is a buddy, a steady partner who can make our explorations easier, and that’s where comes a sturdy, trustworthy cycle.

Capable of taking us at a good pace and giving us the time to observe, imbibe and feel, cycles are the perfect traveling partners. Let’s take a look at a few more reasons why cycling might just be the best way to travel to a new city or town:


1. It is better than walking:

walking is a leisurely activity and enjoyable but if you’ve got the whole day ahead of you and a town to explore, it is best to take a bike along. Biking will be less strenuous, and you won’t even be exhausted before the day’s end.

A hybrid bike like the Bloodwing 700C by Ninety One Bicycles is an excellent option that one can use. A hybrid bike often excels at various terrains and therefore is a perfect partner for your rides. With a bicycle, you can attach a basket and keep your hands free from carrying heavy items. Cycling will keep your energy levels high. 


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2. Cycling is better for the environment:

why take a taxi or cab to every new location when you can simply take your bike everywhere? Not only are you saving precious money but also saving the environment from greenhouse gases. This is an essential advantage of cycling; we are traveling and reducing our carbon footprint. Not traveling by car will also save our money on fuel expenses, with the rising prices of petrol and diesel it is best to avoid unnecessary expenditure. 

3. It is good for the body:

any form of cardiovascular exercise keeps the heart healthy and happy. We must always strive to do some low-intensity workout, and leisure cycling through the city is always a fantastic option. During vacations, we often indulge in eating high-calorie food items, but by cycling, we can keep ourselves fit and healthy. Fitness should always be a priority, even during a vacation. 


Traveling To A New City? Embrace Cycling To Explore It Better


4. Cycling is a sport:

cycling is a sport, and mountain cycling is an adventure sport. There are various trails all across the globe and different little towns situated in hilly areas that are begging to be explored. A cycle will be the perfect partner as hill roads are treacherous and narrow. Cycling through the mountains is an experience like no other, and one must try it at least once in their lifetime. It is a challenge that pushes our limits and prepares our bodies for excelling. 

5. Cycling is romantic:

one of the most common scenes that come to mind is a couple cycling through the Provence region of France, past the magnificent vineyards, olive groves, and the beautiful alps. It is indeed a picturesque image, and one must travel through this elegant landscape on a cycle to truly get a feel of all things beautiful. Traveling with your partner is always better, and along with a bicycle, one can also make this trip romantic. Don’t forget to carry a little picnic with you, perhaps a baguette and some wine. 


Traveling To A New City? Embrace Cycling To Explore It Better


6. Cycles are efficient during traffic:

while cities are beautiful and offer a diverse culture to its tourist, however, traffics are often a hassle, and one can waste precious hours stewing in this traffic. But with a handy cycle, one can simply maneuver through the traffic and be on the way to their explorations. Whether it is a UNICEF world heritage site or a small quaint town, we must save ourselves from the perils of traffic jams. 

7. Stay prepared:

cycling can be an efficient way to travel, however, we must always be prepared with water, food, and some other essentials during our exploration. Our clothes should be conducive to the travel conditions, and staying light is the mantra. You may be exploring a beautiful island on cycle; however, in such a case, try wearing something light and breezy to feel comfortable in the humidity. 

A cycle is the perfect pal during our trip to a city or even for a regular exploration. It is the ideal combination of exercising, leisure and romance. We can create so many beautiful memories of traveling on our cycles and familiarizing ourselves with different cultures. Let out the wanderlust within you and enjoy every bit of your travel experience. 


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