Twitter Blue Tick Verification is Back with New Guidelines

The Twitter social media platform is allowing its users to submit applications for earning a verification badge and is rolling out updated guidelines. Users must follow these guidelines to keep the Twitter blue tick verification badge. All Twitter users would soon be able to present a verification application right from their account settings screen. The social media platform has now set six categories that fall into the eligible list, and one has to comply with these categories to get a verification badge.

In 2017, Twitter had halted accepting verification applications for the public because of the perception that a verification badge indicated an endorsement. However, that was not the case; according to Twitter, the verification process was to authenticate a user’s identity, but it was interpreted as an indicator of importance among the users.

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Let’s look further at the verification badge.


Twitter Verification Badge

According to Twitter, a blue badge against an account of high public interest indicates that it is authentic, and the badge has no other meaning beyond that.

Irrespective of how authentic an account is, for users who violate the guidelines and rules, Twitter could remove their verification badge. Therefore, verified users should refrain from engaging in destructive behavior and stay verified.

Eligibility Criteria for Twitter Verification Badge

Any user must fit the below criteria to qualify for the verification badge.

Here are the six categories that were mentioned before in the article;

  • Government
  • Sports & Gaming
  • Companies, brands, and organizations
  • Entertainment
  • Activists, Organizers, and other influential individuals

Besides meeting category-specific eligibility, a user must be active on Twitter within the past six months, have an actual phone number or email address, and have a complete profile.


Twitter Blue Tick Verification


Application Process for Twitter Verification

The verification application form is going to be available to everyone over the next few weeks. You can find this application form in the bird app’s account settings tab.

However, this would be on a rollout basis, which means some users may get access right now while others may have to wait patiently for some more time. With this way of approach, the app can ensure that all the applications are addressed within the TAT.

So, what does this application form have in it? It has fields that allow a user to convey to Twitter which of the eligible categories they belong to and the option to provide ID proof to authenticate their identity.

That’s all!

Once users submit their application requesting the verification badge, Twitter recommends that the users wait and expect a response in a few days or weeks. Then, when an application gets approved, the blue badge will be spontaneously applied to the user’s profile.

It is also said that Twitter is planning to include more categories to the eligibility list later in 2021; these categories could be academics, scientists, religious leaders, etc.

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