The Best Options to Treat and Replace The 5 Types of Teeth

Last updated on June 1st, 2022

Today, dental implants are one of the most efficient techniques for teeth replacement. The fact there’s a lot of advertising means there’s a lot of offer and there are bunches of dental treatments and prices. Here we are going to talk about the types of teeth and the recommendations you should follow. If you’re looking for a reputable dental clinic, we recommend visiting this Dentist In Lunenburg. Also, we’ll be sharing the various treatments to spruce up your teeth.


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What is a dental implant?

When we lose a tooth, we can replace it with an implant, which replaces the root of the tooth. A crown implant replaces the tooth. In other words, the implant will support the future tooth.

Dental implants, generally, have the shape of a screw that is screwed to the bone where they are going to be placed. Although there are different types of dental implants, currently the most common types of teeth are screwed. Depending on the situation, the types of teeth can be conical or cylindrical.

One difference to take into account is the connection platform of the prosthesis, that is, of the crown that will be placed on the implant. Generally speaking, there are two types of implants in teeth: external connection and internal connection.

In the internal connection, the crown is connected inside the implant, while in the external connection, the crown rests on the implant. Today, this is the most common technique, given its advantages over the external connection. The loosening of the prosthesis is less likely to occur and surgical mistakes can be corrected.

On the other hand, the External connection, also known as Branemark, was initially used. It started to lose popularity because teeth come off, look ugly, and correcting errors is a pain in the neck.

Keep reading to learn more about the diverse types of dental fillings.


types of teeth types of dental implants, cantilever bridge dental
This is an extreme case of dental crown installation


Techniques for denture replacement

Regarding how to place the tooth on top of the implant, there are several techniques, which are also suitable for all types of teeth.

The screw-in prosthesis is the process in which the implant is screwed into the tooth. In this case, it is recommended that the screw-retained abutment be prepared by a computer and prepared on a milling machine to ensure good adjustments.

Cemented crowns are one of the types of dental crowns that cement the tooth onto an implant. The tooth is cemented on a pillar that is connected to the implant, but it can’t be unscrewed or tightened if it ever loosens. Dental crowns are not the same as dental implants, which go deeper into the root. Dental crowns only aim to improve the appearance of teeth that are in a bad condition.

Ultimately, the best types of teeth are those that are placed via internal connection because they are threaded, screwed, cement-screwed, or use prostheses. Also, check out the types of dentures and cost, so you can decide which one best fits you.


types of dental crowns, types of dentures and cost, types of braces for teeth, types of dental fillings
Close-up dental implant


Advantages and disadvantages of the prosthesis and dental fillings

As it usually happens, it depends on the case of each individual. Hybrid prostheses are screw-retained prostheses that include a bar on which the resin teeth are placed along with pink gum.


  • It gives you the option to unscrew your fake teeth, so they can be repaired and cleaned.
  • Adding pink gingiva can make up for the loss of lip profile.
  • Ceramics are usually stronger and more aesthetic.
  • Normally, cementation makes it rest closely on the gingiva, minimizing the residues under it.


  • They tend to accumulate food underneath.
  • Resin teeth tend to wear out.
  • Cemented ones are usually ceramic prostheses that are “glued” to titanium abutments screwed to the implants.
  • If it is cemented with resin cement, that is, permanent cement, the tooth cannot be detached. As a result, if it is fractured, the repair is more complicated.
  • If you’ve lost your lip profile, be aware this prosthesis will not recover it. The teeth can be screwed in ceramic to solve the issue.


types of teeth types of dental implants, cantilever bridge dental


How much do dental implants cost?

First of all, it is necessary to emphasize that the price of a cantilever bridge or dental crown will vary depending on the patient. This means the cost may vary for each person, even if the treatment is quite similar. The cost is personalized and will vary depending on your oral health and the number of implants you need.

However, we can say that today, the cost of a complete unit dental implant that includes surgery, screw, and crown is around 1,200-1,500 euros. In fact, some treatments cost more than 1,500 euros.

It is a price that includes all the procedures that are necessary for the best results.

The best thing you can do is contact the clinic, so the doctors evaluate you in person and give you an estimate.


types of dental crowns, types of dentures and cost, types of braces for teeth, types of dental fillings
Dental implants are quite expensive in the UK and USA


How do I know the price is fair?

When you value two different quotes, focus on the similarities between them.

If a clinic offers this service for 250 euros and in another one, the cost does not surpass 1,500 euros, it will be essential to determine what each treatment entails before deciding.

For example, in the first place, it will be useful to inquire into what elements are included in the highest-budget implant that the lower-budget service does not offer. While you have a complete treatment with the cheap alternative, the other option that is more costly can add more fees.

Some clinics use “hook prices” to attract patients and later on, concepts such as attachments, removal of sutures, and implant-prosthetic accessories are added.

This makes the service substantially more expensive. In this way, what was initially advertised as a cheap dental implant for 200 euros ends up becoming a treatment that exceeds 1,500 euros.

Other procedures, like self-ligating braces and clear aligners, which are types of braces for teeth, can cost an arm and a leg. Braces cost around 4000 USD, meaning they are as pricey as any of the types of teeth explained.

If you are looking to get braces, do it after the dental implant. But if you have dental crowns, the treatment will not be affected.

In the end, you will need around 8,000 USD to get braces and dental crowns, which is an amount that doubles the minimum salary of the United States.

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