Types of Wedding Anniversaries You Should Know

Many people describe their own wedding as the most beautiful day of their lives. In the company of family and friends, the happy couple says yes and promises each other eternal love. When the festive day comes to an end, most married couples celebrate it by going on vacation together, having a romantic dinner, or giving each other little gifts.

Wedding anniversaries are also important days to celebrate. Friends and family members can honor this special day of your union with gifts.

Most people know exactly how many years you have been married but are not even aware of which special anniversary is celebrated after three or 33 years of marriage, for example. The following list gives an overview of which different wedding days there are after how many years of marriage. The names for the anniversaries may differ regionally.


Types of Wedding Anniversaries You Should Know


List of Anniversaries

  • 1st anniversary: ​​Paper or Cotton Wedding
  • 2nd Anniversary: ​​Cotton Wedding
  • 3rd anniversary: ​​Leather Wedding
  • 4th anniversary: ​​Silk Wedding
  • 5th Anniversary: ​​Wooden Wedding
  • 6th anniversary: ​​Sugar or Ox wedding
  • 5. Anniversary: ​​Pewter Wedding
  • 7th or 7.5. Anniversary: ​​Copper Wedding
  • 8th Anniversary: ​​Tinny Wedding
  • 9th Anniversary: ​​Ceramic Wedding
  • 10th Anniversary: ​​Rose Wedding
  • 11th Anniversary: ​​Steel Wedding
  • 12th Anniversary: ​​Nickel Wedding
  • 5. Anniversary: ​​Parsley Wedding
  • 13th Anniversary: ​​Violet Wedding
  • 14th Anniversary: ​​Ivory, Agate, or Blue Wedding
  • 15th Anniversary: ​​Crystal or Glass Wedding
  • 20th anniversary: ​​China Wedding
  • 25th Anniversary: ​​Silver Wedding
  • 30th Anniversary: ​​Pearl Wedding
  • 33rd Anniversary: ​​Pewter Wedding
  • 3. Anniversary: ​​Garlic Wedding
  • 35th Anniversary: ​​Linen, Canvas, or Coral Wedding
  • 5. Anniversary: ​​Aluminum Wedding
  • 40th Anniversary: ​​Ruby ​​or Emerald Wedding
  • 45th Anniversary: ​​Brass Wedding
  • 50th anniversary: ​​Golden Wedding Anniversary
  • 55th Anniversary: ​​Platinum or Jewel Wedding
  • 60th Anniversary: ​​Diamond Wedding
  • 65th Anniversary: ​​Iron Wedding
  • 5. Anniversary: ​​Stone Wedding
  • 70th anniversary: ​​Grace Wedding
  • 75th Anniversary: ​​Crown Jewel or Radium Wedding
  • 80th Anniversary: ​​Oak Wedding
  • 85th Anniversary: ​Angel Wedding
  • 90th Anniversary: ​​Marble Wedding
  • 100th Anniversary: ​​Heavenly Wedding



The sometimes funny names of the individual wedding anniversaries should stand for the development and consolidation of the marriage and are to be understood metaphorically. For example, paper is easy to tear, and cotton is still soft and unshaped. Over the years, the married couple grows together, so the symbols for the individual wedding days become more stable or of higher quality as the year increases, with a few exceptions, such as the parsley or garlic wedding.

The year numbers are given special names in smaller steps at the beginning, while later, a special designation is usually only chosen every five years. Round anniversaries are the most famous. In some cases, the wedding anniversary is celebrated every half year, such as the garlic wedding after 33.3 years, which is celebrated after a third of a century.


Types of Wedding Anniversaries


Customs and Decorations

The traditional decorations and customs are based on the names of the wedding anniversary in terms of material and color but vary greatly depending on the region. Gifts for these occasions are also usually chosen according to the name: For example, towels or other textiles are often given for a cotton wedding or a bouquet or gold jewelry sprayed with gold for a golden wedding.

From the diamond wedding onwards, if the couple wants to celebrate them with others, the family usually organizes the celebrations. Whether and how you celebrate individual wedding anniversaries is ultimately up to you. You can choose to organize your own special occasion in your backyard or at a selected venue. Anniversaries can be celebrated by the couple alone, or they can invite friends over. Consider any of the options for your wedding anniversary celebration.


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