Types of Wooden Floors: A Complete Guide

Did you know 52% of homeowners have hardwood floors in their homes? If you’ve just purchased a new house or you’re looking to update your flooring, you’ll want to know all of the types of wooden floors to make sure you’re choosing the one you love. Be sure to read on to learn about all of your flooring options.


1. Solid Wood Flooring

This flooring is made by using a single piece of wood. The thickness may vary (18-20mm), but with this kind of flooring, you can protect it for years and years. If the floor would happen to become damaged over time, you’re able to sand it down and refinish it.

How many times you can do this depends on the thickness of the wood. This flooring goes into your home in a tongue and groove style but also needs to be glued or nailed down because the pieces are unique.

Luckily, you can gather more info about that process. For this flooring, the price varies between $4-$10 per square foot.

2. Engineered Wood Flooring

This flooring is made up of 3-4 thin pieces of wood placed together to create a plank. The thickness is only around 14mm, but a wood veneer (4mm thick) is on top of the plank.

If you should ever need to refinish the flooring, you can do this a couple of times because you’ll be sanding down the veneer and not the wood. This floor mostly comes in click-and-lock, which means it fits together without glue.

This flooring comes in low, medium, or high quality. The low range will run the flooring $3-$5, medium around $5-$10, and a high-quality floor will cost around $8-$13 per square foot.

This flooring will not expand or contract from humidity as a solid wood floor will. Keep it clean with a high-quality dust mop. Find out more!

3. Laminate Wood Flooring

This flooring is made to look like a hardwood floor without actually being one. This is a plank that is compressed. It may have little to no wood, and it’s then covered with an image of wood to make it look more real.

This kind of flooring is great in high-traffic areas, as it is easy to clean up. It is also water-resistant, which can be best for bathrooms and kitchens.

This flooring ranges from $2-$6 per square foot. The downside of this flooring is that it doesn’t look like real hardwood flooring. It is best to get a couple of samples to ensure this is what you’re looking for.

4. Parquet Flooring

If you’re looking to spice up your flooring pattern, this might be the option for you. This flooring is in the shape of small wooden blocks. You can get this flooring in a pattern, like a basket weave.

This flooring can handle high-traffic areas but is not recommended for a room with a lot of humidity, like a bathroom. This flooring can also fade in direct sunlight.

This flooring can run $3-$5 per square foot. You have to remember that these are small wooden blocks that are not square feet, so you’ll have to purchase more.

Types of Wooden Floors

When choosing between the best types of wood flooring for your home, you’ll have to consider the price and the way you want the floor to look. Since you now know many options, you’ll feel confident heading to the store to look at their types of wooden flooring.

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