Ultimate Guide to Decorate a Studio Apartment

Last updated on January 3rd, 2022

Are you having a small apartment with a congested area to live in? Trust us; you are not the only one with this misfortune. Hang on a minute! Stop thinking of having a stroke of bad luck, and start thinking about utilizing the space smartly to get desired results. Be optimistic, and never regret what you have.

You can convert a studio apartment into a large living palace. Obviously, you cannot expand your apartment area without buying a neighborhood property or area. However, with the right plan of action and smart décor ideas, you can design a studio apartment that gives an illusion of enhanced interior space. Are you curious enough? Let’s dig inside this mystery and know the trick!


Ultimate Guide to Decorate a Studio Apartment


1. Keep it Light & Bring

The simplest magic trick of feeling more area that is spacious is using removable wallpapers with decorative designs in light colors. Remember that, brightness is the key to having a spacious apartment interior.

Additionally, emphasize natural daylighting in the day timings. For that purpose, vertically large windows can be your best friend being the best source of plentiful daylight inside your apartment. Another trick of making a bright interior is to use lamps as a focal point and light source at night.


Ultimate Guide to Decorate a Studio Apartment


2. Make a Low Profile

Display as low items as possible to ensure minimalistic décor that is simple & budget-friendly way to make your apartment wide and spacious. To accomplish this, hide those items that are used less frequently, and only display items that are multi-functional and used on a frequent basis.

However, some items, like furniture, are crucial but cover large space. To solve this problem, use low-profile furniture that not only looks modern but also adds a spacious vibe. Use couches with visible legs that do not block light on the lower part of the living room.

3. Be a Smart Space Saver

The bed is amongst the largest space-taking items in any apartment. Instead of using the bed on the floor, install a loft bed beneath the ceiling and save a large amount of floor space.

Moreover, use stairs in a creative way that includes storage cabinets beneath them to hide items that may otherwise create a mess in the small living apartment. Also, smartly utilize the area beneath the loft bed and incorporate a small table & chair for dining or laptop working purposes.


Ultimate Guide to Decorate a Studio Apartment

4. Apply the Magic to Double the Area

We are quite aware of the role of large mirrors in reflecting the wider interior space. Especially, for the small apartment, a large rectangle wall mirror reflects the interior as if there is another living room that exists side-by-side. Moreover, another idea is to use decorative mirrors on the single wall, while beautiful paintings on the opposite wall to get an amazing reflection of the wall art.

Various small decorative mirrors not only add an element of interior décor but also reflect brightness with elegance in addition to a spacious vibe. However, a large rectangle mirror on the wall with a beautiful frame has no match when it comes to the right mirror choice for getting doubled area in a studio apartment.

5. Make it More Functional

Never limit items only for a single purpose especially one that covers a large area. For instance, do not use the couch only for seating purposes. Use a multipurpose & convertible couch with such a design that you not only can sit to take a rest but also can lie down for taking a good nap. Similarly, multipurpose shelves and other furniture items bring more uses and save extra space.


nk Decorate a Studio Apartment


6. Utilize Every Corner Productively

Make sure that you utilize every inch of your apartment efficiently. Make the corner a seating area for friends or guests. You can use a round coffee table at the corner with a lamp or other décor items emitting light to keep the dark corners bright and elegant. Moreover, use some plants and flowers at other corners to make a fresh atmosphere with beautiful fragrance.

7. Make Walls Functional Enough to Save Extra Space

Wall shelves are truly amongst must-do things especially when it comes to space-saving needs. Corner shelves can make corner walls functional and chic. Additionally, some decorative shelves are available that are multifunctional and add décor elements by themselves. Organize items on those shelves, while keeping the table, floor, and couch clean. This, in turn, changes the apartment into a large palace and makes your living enjoyable and happy all the time.

Only a clean and practical apartment interior which is having a spacious vibe makes the living happy. It not only represents your personality but also inspires your friends and guests who visit your studio apartment. So, focus on good daylighting, make minimalistic interior décor, use loft bed, install large rectangle wall mirror and make every corner productive and functional. Whether enjoy watching a movie on Netflix or playing games with your friend, you will always get appreciation from everybody for such smart tricks.

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