Understanding Pool Maintenance: Types, Cost, and More

Having a pool ready to dive into in the backyard of your house feels really welcoming. And you are really lucky if you have got one already. However, it is also very important to keep it in the best shape at all times to get its full efficiency and extend its longevity.

To have a longer pool time satisfaction, it is crucial that you pay attention to its maintenance. Most commonly, there are three pool types that are most seen in households, and they are made up of cement, vinyl, and fiberglass. This article takes you through each one of these so that you can have an idea about which type would suit you the most.

Pool Maintenance


Concrete Pools

Because cement is a strong material that holds out for pretty long, trust its ability to last long. But since it would be a plaster finish for the inside walls, it is better to check the water chemistry at least once a week.

Although it may sometimes seem exhausting, it is important. As per the experts at POOLSERV, professional service is something you should think of. It can help you to save time and effort while taking care of your pool in the best manner possible.

Alongside, since the cement plastering makes for a porous surface, there are chances of algae settling in. Therefore, you should make it a point to go for steel brushing it weekly so that there is nothing that sticks by. Also, to keep maintaining the water quality, you should also pour in acid to keep optimal cleanliness.

Vinyl Pools

The main component of such swim zones is the thin vinyl layer, which is very delicate and could be susceptible to damage from even your pet’s claw scratch. Therefore, if you have one of these, you need to be super careful about not ripping them apart, or else it would call for an immediate replacement.

And if you have wall panels that are made up of aluminum or steel, water leaks may corrode them to create an actual hole. Hence, to enjoy a problem-free time, you need to keep it completely away from steps and the tanning ledge.

Fiberglass Pools

Of all the three types, these ones are the most suitable for the people who have a very relaxed and carefree attitude about their pools’ maintenance. But still, this one also requires a little tender loving care. The gel coat is pretty long-lasting and almost always does not require to be refinished. And as there are no seams or crooks, there is very little possibility for any kind of ugly depositions.

The Last Word

Everyone enjoys having a good splash session in the pool but the joy becomes short-lived if the pool is filthy and is full of debris. It is harmful to the skin and the bad water quality could also be equally disastrous to gut health as well, as sometimes it is common to gulp some of it while swimming. We are hoping that this article will help you to make an informed decision to select your pool maintenance type so that you can have endless swimming fun for the season.



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