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Unique Decor: Interior Design Styles for Each Room in Your Home

With so many beautiful interior decor styles out there, it can be hard to narrow your choice down to just one style for your home. There’s the ever-popular Modern Farmhouse style that features neutral color schemes and glossy accents, and there’s the Modern Industrial style that emphasizes bricks, wood, and metal.

There’s also styles that emphasize soft and smooth textures, such as the Cottage Core and Scandinavian styles, and then there are decor styles that emphasize a more geometric look. It can be hard to narrow down your choice to just one, so why not consider combining a few different styles into your home?


Kitchen: Farmhouse

Kitchen decor is most often shown when searching for Modern/Classic Farmhouse inspiration, so this is an ideal room to really get into the Farmhouse style. Some of the key features of the Farmhouse style are rustic, woody textures; black and white tile or cement floors; exposed beams; and exposed stone. You can find vinyl or laminate flooring that can give off the concrete look if you’re not too fond of actual concrete floors.

You can also make sure that your cabinetry looks really woody and rustic, or you can opt for white cabinetry with wood countertops. Finish off the look by having wooden beams installed in the ceiling, or adding a stone backsplash to the walls.

Modern Farmhouse is most popular in Arkansas, Idaho, Maine, Montana, and South Dakota, though sometimes people use a blend of both Modern Farmhouse and Classic Farmhouse.


Unique Decor: Interior Design Styles for Each Room in Your Home

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Living Room: Industrial

At first glance, it may seem like the Farmhouse and Industrial styles clash with each other. Actually, this couldn’t be farther from the truth because many people love combining these two different design trends. They’re actually pretty similar given that they’re more of a rustic style, though Modern Farmhouse isn’t quite as rustic as the Classic Farmhouse or Industrial styles.

Because many kitchens and living rooms are right next to each other (with some being open concept), you can continue the Modern or Classic Farmhouse look of your kitchen into the living room, adding metal accents in the living room to give it a more industrial look. Finish it off with a brick (exposed brick or wallpaper) accent wall and Edison bulbs to really complete the Industrial look.

The Industrial decor style is very popular in Alabama, Iowa, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Nevada. It became popular when industrial buildings were being converted into lofts and other living spaces, which is why it features so many exposed elements.


Interior Design Styles for Each Room

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Bedroom: Boho Decor

The Boho (short for Bohemian) allows you to use more color than the previous two styles, although you can still achieve the Boho look if you choose to stick with neutral colors. This style also emphasizes comfort, making it a perfect style for a bedroom. It can appeal to a wide variety of people because this style incorporates design elements from all over the world.

You’re also allowed to mix textures, using rustic, wooden elements for things like dressers and nightstands, and softer and smoother edges for beds and chairs. Finally, make sure that you add some natural touches, such as plants and other greenery.

The Boho decor style is most popular in Connecticut, New Hampshire, and Oregon. It’s also a very popular style among Millennials and Generation Z.


Unique Decor: Interior Design Styles for Each Room in Your Home

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Bathroom: Mid-Century Modern

The Mid-Century Modern decor style emphasizes geometric shapes, clean lines, and a minimalist theme, making it a great choice for any sized bathroom. Like all three decor styles listed above, it also features a wooden look. To achieve this style in your bathroom, opt for a wooden vanity and mirror trim— it can even match the cabinetry in your kitchen for a more homogeneous look. The color palette can also be very neutral, from using earthy tones or simple black and white.

This style can be easily incorporated into other styles, and it’s one of the most popular styles in Delaware, Michigan, Nebraska, and Utah. This is also a good decor option for owners of short-term rental properties, increasing the likelihood that people looking for a place to stay on vacation will look at your listing.


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Many decor styles share elements with other decor styles, so it’s fairly simple to incorporate more than one style into your home. This is just an example of how some of the most popular styles can all be used in one home.

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