Unique Garden Zoning Ideas To Transform Your Landscaping

Defined outdoor spaces are a top landscaping trend for 2022, Forbes reports. Whether for cooking, dining, or relaxing, having a series of defined outdoor spaces is key to making your landscaping design feel functional and complete. And, by incorporating unique zoning ideas into your garden, you can easily create a number of versatile, individual areas and make the most out of your outdoor space.


Plant pleached trees

Pleached trees (also called hedges on stilts) have been specifically trained to create a beautiful array of foliage and branches from a single straight stem. As such, they can be a useful feature in garden zoning; pleached trees can provide ample privacy, as well as effortless natural beauty. A circle of pleached trees, for example, can create a stunning border around an outdoor seating arrangement.

If, on the other hand, your garden already has any unwanted or awkwardly positioned trees that disrupt your current landscaping plans, it’s important to remove them. By taking the time to learn about tree services, you’ll be able to find the right tree care solution for your needs. Professional tree removers can safely remove entire trees or limbs as needed and haul away the debris, so you’re left with a beautiful and healthy garden.

Unique Garden Zoning Ideas To Transform Your Landscaping

Introduce different levels

Introducing different levels throughout your landscaping design can be a stylish and eye-catching way to create various zones. For example, gently sloping areas that step down into flat terraces is a simple way to create individual areas. Raised garden beds and swathes of planting can further add beauty, while also creating a sense of privacy across the various different levels.

The addition of defined pathways and stairways is also key for connecting different areas and creating a harmonious whole. Even simply bordering your stairs and paths with evergreen shrubs, hedges, or raised planters can add extra color, texture, and interest year round and make your garden feel more put together.

Unique Garden Zoning Ideas To Transform Your Landscaping

Focus on lighting

Smart outdoor lighting can help enhance the ambience of each zone throughout your garden, as well as help create defined, intimate areas. An outdoor dining area, for example, can benefit from soft overhead lighting, while seating areas do well with lighting at a lower level. Proper illumination along walkways is also particularly important as it helps ensure visibility in both steep and underlit areas.

Not only do path lights look good, but they’re also easy to install — just stick them into the ground and they automatically switch on at nighttime (usually running off batteries or solar power). Keep in mind, your chosen lighting will need to be well-made and weather-resistant to ensure it can withstand the elements.

Garden zoning is a simple yet effective way to make your landscaping design feel even more special. By planting pleached trees, introducing different levels, and making use of outdoor lighting, you can transform your garden into a series of stunning outdoor “rooms” and therefore maximize your outdoor space.

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