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Upgrade Your Living Room and Make Fall More Productive This Year

It is safe to say that the fall can be depressive sometimes. There is too little sunlight, it is constantly raining outside, and all you might want to do is stay in your bed and sleep. Luckily, there is an easy way to make fall more productive this year — you just need to upgrade your living room!

Upgrading your living room is not that difficult, but if you do not know where to start, you should definitely keep reading! In this article, you will find a list of tips with this purpose in mind, such as purchasing comfortable furniture, letting in more natural light, creating a separate reading nook, adding a few houseplants, and painting the walls a neutral color. Check it out!


Purchase Comfortable Furniture

If you are planning to upgrade your living room, you should start by purchasing comfortable furniture. This way, you will be able to unwind much more efficiently. Ideally, you should go for modern living room furnitures, such as armchairs, sofas, and chaise lounges. In addition to that, do not forget to purchase a footstool. It will definitely make you feel much more comfortable, boosting your productivity!


Upgrade Your Living Room and Make Fall More Productive This Year

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Let in More Natural Light

It is known that natural light can have a positive impact on our mood. In spite of that, many people are living in apartments where the windows are facing the walls of other buildings. This way, they cannot let natural light into their flats! Because of that, you should ensure that you are letting in as much natural light as possible!

You can do it by keeping your windows clean or removing curtains, but if you want to take it a step further, you should install bigger windows in your living room. There are many kinds of windows that you can go for and plenty of companies that will take care of the installation process for you!

Create a Separate Reading Nook

Having a separate reading nook in your living room will definitely improve your productivity in the colder months. You might not use this nook too often during the summer, but during the fall, you will probably spend most of your time there!

Your reading nook should be located somewhere near the window so that you will have easy access to sunlight. You can make it prettier by matching the colors of its defining features to the color of your living room curtains.

There are plenty of curtains you can choose from, which makes that task relatively easy. Also, you can place a few matching throw pillows nearby, as it will make your reading nook look much better!


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Add a Few Houseplants

Adding houseplants to your living room will not only improve its appearance, but it will also help you find peace of mind! However, make sure to choose plants that are easy to maintain and do not require too much sunlight. Here is a list of the easiest plants to take care of:

  • ALOE VERA. This plant is not only easy to take care of, but it will also help you heal your wounds and burns. All you need to do is cut off a piece and rub it on your wound or burn!
  • BAMBOO PALMS. These plants are excellent for those who are into minimalistic interior design. For the palms to grow tall, you need to make sure that they receive plenty of sunlight and are watered very often.
  • JADE PLANT. This plant loves the sun, meaning that it needs to be placed somewhere near a window. Keep in mind that jade plants need to be adequately watered!

If you are interested in adding some greenery to your living room but do not want to risk killing an innocent plant, purchasing an artificial plant is also an excellent idea! It will be much cheaper and easier to take care of than any other kind of plant.


Upgrade Your Living Room and Make Fall More Productive This Year(Image source: Decoist)


Paint Your Walls a Neutral Color

Most people want the walls of their living rooms to be bright and colorful, but if you’re going to create a calming and easy atmosphere in your living room, you should paint your walls a neutral color instead! For the most aesthetically pleasing results, you should choose a color that matches your furniture and the carpet.


In Conclusion

Staying focused and productive in the fall is not easy, but it is definitely possible! You just need to upgrade your living room by letting in more natural light, adding a few houseplants, and creating a separate reading nook, among other things!

However, if you do not know how to do it and feel confused, you might want to hire an interior designer to take care of it for you. Such people are experienced professionals, and they will be able to help you ensure that your house matches your expectations perfectly. This way, you can enjoy every moment you spend between your four walls!

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