Upper Eyelid Aesthetics: How is Blepharoplasty Surgery Performed?

Upper eyelid aesthetics surgery, as known as blepharoplasty is not only one of the surgeries performed to improve, but also one of the functional aesthetic surgeries that have become a necessity. Because the eyelids that hang down due to age and genetic factors reduce the visual function. Because it falls before your eyes like a curtain. Most of our patients have upper eyelid surgery to get rid of this situation.

As we get older, when we close our eyes, an abundance of the skin occurs on our upper eyelids. This abundance of skin also covers the outer eyelid after a while. Eyebrow drop also helps with this. In addition to aesthetics, these surgeries also have a functional part. After reaching a certain age,  it is recommended that everyone, especially those with a predisposition, have upper eyelid aesthetics.


Upper Eyelid Aesthetics


How is Upper Eyelid Surgery Performed?

On the eyelid, right above the eyelashes, we have a cartilaginous texture called ‘tars’. The fold consists of this tissue. A drawing is taken without this folding. Then, in order to get the abundances in the continuation of the eye, a line is drawn parallel to the crow’s feet when we laugh.

The incision in the lower part is made in this way. Then we extend this line to a certain point. Here, we remove the part that makes the skin abundance to a certain extent, similar to fish. Sometimes it’s not all about taking the skin. When we press the eyes, oil packs can be seen on the side of the eye.

In upper eyelid surgeries, these oil packs are also somewhat reduced. Thus, when the process is completed, the eyes look like they were 15 years ago. The process takes about half an hour. Local anesthesia is applied. Stitches are removed within 5-7 days. After the stitches are removed, a slightly pink line remains in the eye fold at the beginning and a white line that will not be visible over time.

The procedure should generally be done over the age of 40. However, sometimes the eyebrows can be very low in some people. The low eyebrows also cause earlier aging in the upper eyelid. If this is the case, it may be necessary to apply it at an earlier age, or even to repeat the upper eyelid aesthetics from time to time. It is a functional surgery that should be done according to my personal opinion and reduces the tired appearance of the person.

Doesn’t Eyelid Lift Up with Botox?

One of the best skin specialist in Islamabad says that in some cases, it may take off. Botox works very well, especially if the drooping of the eyelid causes low eyebrows. But after a certain age, upper eyelid surgery is required. I do not think that we should immediately operate the eyelids and eyebrows that will rise with botox. It should do as much as it can handle. After very early upper eyelid surgery, the eyelid may sag again. In this case, it is necessary to be re-operated.


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