Useful SUP Tips To Know Before You Get Started

Now that the pandemic is easing out of our lives, it might be time to begin exploring outdoors and trying out new hobbies or activities. That being said, you might want to try the tried and tested sport of paddleboarding. It’s time you see why more and more people are falling in love with this sport.

SUP or stand-up paddleboarding is a sport where you traverse the water on a board of your choosing. You can stand, sit, or paddle while on the board. Some people leisurely enjoy the sport and just explore nearby bodies of water. Others that want to go the extra mile take the sport to extreme levels and speeds.

Regardless of how you want to enjoy the sport, it’s important that you first get an understanding of the basics for beginners. Here are a few tips that you might want to keep in mind the moment you get on a board and into the water.


Useful SUP Tips To Know Before You Get Started


Get A Feel Of The Board

There are many types of boards you can get your hands on but some are best for beginners. Ideally, you’d want a board that is wide on all angles. This is an important feature for beginners as it will help you maintain better balance on the board.

As you become more experienced, you’re going to want a board that’s more slender. While these are harder to balance on, they provide you with more control and speed. Definitely, a must if you want to continue exploring further at a faster rate.

Before you head out far into the waters, try to balance on the board while you’re still near the shore. Don’t head further until you fully get a feel of what it’s like to maintain your balance. Remember, try no to rush things as you’re only getting yourself in trouble if you focus on going out into the deep water immediately,

Core Is Key

SUP is about having a good balance more than anything else. If you want to make sure that you have a good enough posture to stay on board, then you should definitely begin building a stronger core. Do planks, yoga, and other exercises that work your abdominals. The stronger your core is the more balanced you’ll be.

Some Accessories Are Essential

Aside from the board and the paddle, there are some accessories that should make up your arsenal. Some SUP accessories can even save your life in case of an accident. Getting the right accessories doesn’t just mean that you’ll be safer on the waters, it also means you’re going to be more comfortable as well.

One accessory that we can really suggest for beginners is a PFD or a personal flotation device. Basically, this is a portable device that will immediately inflate after you either pull a string or press a button. The device will pull you up and help you float a lot easier while in open waters.

Even if you are a good swimmer, it’s very important that you have a PFD with you on open waters. Remember, the currents might become strong without notice and it could carry you off further from the shore. A PFD is going to help you sustain your body as it floats while you wait for help.


Useful SUP Tips To Know Before You Get Started


Never Stray Far Without Guidance

Always have a friend or your instructor nearby. You never know when a strong wave pushes you off the board. Since you’re still a beginner, it would be wise to stick around others for your safety first.  Even those who are already well-experienced make sure that there’s always someone who can keep a close eye on them when they’re out in the open.

Accept Failure

It will be tough getting a feel of the balance you need to stay put on a paddleboard. Keep in mind that you are going to be falling again and again during your first sessions on a paddleboard. This is completely normal and every pro was like this in the beginning as well.

When you fall, getting on top of the board can be tough without proper technique. The best way to climb aboard is to go to the end of your board, let your legs float up to the surface, and then slowly pull your way up the board.

SUP is fun but it can be very challenging especially for beginners. With these tips, you’ll get a better understanding of what it really means to be a good paddler. You’ll eventually discover that this is a good way to explore the deep waters as well.



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